Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happiness Continued: October 31-November 6

Anticipation is killing me... Thursday November 10 needs to come already! This week is just going to be a week of anticipation...

Monday October 31
Four and a half year anniversary

Can you believe it? We have officially been together for FOUR AND A HALF YEARS! I am shocked and am so happy. I know so many people that have not had a relationship last longer than a couple of months, let alone a year. I am extremely proud of our relationship and everything present within it. There is so much trust and love. I cannot wait to see how we will be four years from now. 

Tuesday November 1
Dracula- Bram Stoker

BYE BYE sparkly vampire...hello to the traditional vampire.

So, after reading Twilight, I felt conflicted. I love "love-stories" and I loved the love story in the book. BUT, the vampire concept was completely ruined. So, to redeem myself (in my boyfriend's eyes) and because of curiosity I started to research classic vampire stories. I decided to read Dracula and I am happy that I did. It was actually good and it has inspired me to read The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. So, if you have not read Dracula, I highly recommend that you do!

Wednesday November 2
Coordinating with Javi for the weekend

Guess what...Javi and his girlfriend Laura are coming this weekend. Some of you are probably reading this and are thinking "Who is Javi?". Well, Javi is one of my boyfriend's best friends. He was one of the first people that I met when my boyfriend and I started dating. I liked him instantly and see him as a friend (not just as my boyfriend's best friend). That is why I was so happy to receive a call from him. Javi called me yesterday to see if I could pick up tickets to Gator Growl and the Vanderbilt game for him and his girlfriend. I was happy to do it and have been running around all day trying to get everything settled for them. I am just happy that they are coming. PLUS, they are staying at my apartment this weekend! YES! 

Thursday November 3
One week away

Umm... You are probably sick of my countdown already, but I don't care. I have a week left and I am so excited. Can I start packing already?

Friday November 4
The new girl clips

This show is hilarious and always has me laughing hysterically. I watched the episode for this week and as I was laughing I started to realize that my boyfriend would love this episode. Remember how I mentioned that I had a hard time saying "penis"? Well, this episode clip relates to that. Watch it and if you are intrigued I think you should watch the whole episode. I promise that you will laugh.

Saturday November 5
Spending time with Javi and Laura

Javi and Laura came yesterday. As I mentioned on Wednesday, they came for Gator Growl and the Vanderbilt game. They went straight to Gator Growl once they got into town. After Gator Growl, we went to IHOP and had a nice dinner. I had so much fun catching up with them. 
Today, they went to the game while I was at work. After work, we were all exhausted, so we ordered a pizza and watched the LSU vs Alabama game. I, of course, cannot stand Alabama and was rooting for the Tigers. It was fun spending a relaxing night with them. We were able to talk and get to know each other better and I am glad that I had the opportunity to establish a relationship with one of my boyfriend's best friends. I have also started to realize how much I have in common with Laura. She is extremely smart and completely awesome. This trip has made me want to hang out with them more often. I am definitely going to miss them when they leave tomorrow. 

Sunday November 6
Cookie dough tub

Do you see that tub? It is FULL of cookie dough. Where did I get it? Well, the daughter of one of the GP maintenance men was selling cookie dough for a fundraiser. I heard about it and definitely could not say no. So, I gave in and bought a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough. I finally opened it today and have been eating it like crazy. This is so bad. i have to keep my figure for my trip. It's only 4 days away. 

I cannot wait for my trip! these next few days are going to go by so fast and I will be on the plane soon. So excited!


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