Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happiness Continued: November 7- November 13

This is the week. I leave for California and I get to see Colon. I am so excited!

Monday November 7
Glitter/ sparkly nail polish

My nails have been looking horrible lately and I decided that it was time to clean them up. SO, I got out the acetone and cleaned up all f the old nail polish. BUT, I had a decision to make. How should I paint my nails? Then my eyes came across my glitter gold nail polish. I painted it and I fell in love with glitter nail polish ((AGAIN)). It is just so pretty and eye catching. Hopefully Colon will like it!

Tuesday November 8
The Wonder Years

I remember watching The Wonder Years when it was on Nick at Night. I don't know why I liked this show. I just know that I was extremely sad when they stopped playing it. It has been 10 years since I have seen the show and during these 10 years, I have found myself longing to watch the show.

Today, as I was looking at the new additions to Netflix Instant Watch, I came across The Wonder Years. I instantly started to watch it and I am addicted. I cannot stop pressing "Watch Next Episode" when an episode ended. Oh well, I guess I will finish the whole series soon!

Wednesday November 9
Packing for my trip

SO, tomorrow is the big day. It was so hard for me to focus at work today. I kept thinking about tomorrow and packing for my trip. So, I have finally packed and have everything ready to go. Like every trip I take to visit Colon, I am a little bit nervous. I have not seen him for so long. I know it is weird, but I am. I just want to make sure that I pack all of the right things. If you aren't aware of my packing adventure, you could look here and here. I cannot believe it is tomorrow! SO excited!
Thursday November 10
On my way to California

The day has come and I am so exhausted. The day started off early with this post. I woke up with a start and it definitely was not hard for me to wipe the sleep away. I was excited. I got ready and was on the road in no time.

Today was an adventure. I drove to Tampa and was able to spend a few hours with Javi and Laura. Laura took me to the airport and my trip officially began. I flew out of Tampa and had a layover in Minneapolis. From Minneapolis, I flew into Sacramento. It was a long day of traveling but it was worth it. The details of the flight can be seen here.

Seeing Colon made me so happy. There was one thing that I was startled with.

Colon had not shaved.

He was still doing No Shave November. I, of course, am happy to see him whether he has the beard or not. I just like it when he is clean shaven.

The goal of this trip? Think of ways to get him to shave. If I can get him to shave within 4 days, I will treat myself to something.

Friday November 11
The colors of the trees (in California)

Colon had to work today, but he was able to get off early. We had errands to run and I was able to see the town that he lives in. I really like it and was blown away by the colors of the foliage. The picture above does not do it justice. It was so hard to take a picture of the trees without the street lights since we were in the car. But, you can see that the colors are different here. It is so beautiful and I wish the trees would change colors in Florida.

Saturday November 12
Meeting Colon's friends
We left for San Fransisco today and I loved the change in scenery. The architecture was different and the hills were plenty. It is such a beautiful city and the hotel that we stayed at was amazing. (I will be posting pictures and updates soon). Colon had informed me that we were meeting up with some of his friends. I was nervous as usual, but I was excited. Then, he started to tell me how close he was to these people and how nervous he was about my meeting him. The pressure was overwhelming. I needed to make a good impression. What happens if I don't? What if they do't like me?

Well, we met up for dinner and they were extremely nice. I like them alot and am glad that Colon has them here in California. They have embraced Colon and are a great support system for him. Plus, I love his friend's girlfriend. She likes the things I like and it seemed as if everything that came out of her mouth was being said before I can say them. I loved it.

Sunday November 13
Getting my pearl

Yes, you read it right. I bought a pearl in San Fransisco. We were walking around the city and I found a little "kiosk" that sold pearls. I was attracted to all of the pearl knecklaces, earrings, and bracelets. There were pearls of so many colors and I fell in love. As we were looking, the lady started talking to me about picking oysters and I saw that you could pick an oyster for $15. So, I decided to do it. I picked out an oyster and they cracked it open. It was beautiful and it is all mine.

This week was so exciting. I am here with my boyfriend and am extremely happy. Thank God for this next week. Can you believe it? I WHOLE WEEK with him! YAY!


*****Sorry this was posted a day late. We got back from San Fransisco late last night and I past out right when we got home!

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