Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happiness Continued: November 21- November 27

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Every day goes by so quickly and it's almost December. I am in shock. Although the days have gone by quickly, I am Colon-sick. I miss him terribly. So, the task of finding something that makes me happy had helped put a smile on my face. 

Monday November 21
Reminiscing about my boyfriend

I miss Colon so much and I know you have heard it often. So, I will try to stop saying it. Today, I decided to look through the pictures from the trip and it was amazing. I could not stop smiling and thinking about the different things we did on the trip. I love reminiscing, but I cannot wait until he comes back. 

Tuesday November 22
Seeing everyone at work

Yup, today was my first day back at work. I was actually nervous. I was Colon-sick and a little bit "off". I wasn't myself. But as soon as I stepped into the office it changed. It cheered me up to see Kirsten, Janet, Andrea, and Richard. of course, they asked me about my trip and I loved telling them about it. It gave me a chance to get settled into the office. So now, I am a little less 'off'. All I needed was to get back into the  routine, the daily life. 

Wednesday November 23
Colon's 24th birthday

Thursday November 24
Friday November 25
Conversing with Nick 

Work was extremely long today. Long and boring. Only two or three people came into the office during the 6 hour shift. Then, as I was closing, two people decide to come in. That always happens to me. Oh well, I got so much done though. I was able to send out all the necessary emails and catch up with all the happenings in the office. 

By the time I arrived home, I was ready to pass out. Then, I heard something. Someone whistled as if they were trying to get my attention. It was Nick! It was such a relief and I loved talking to him. It brightened my day!

Saturday November 26
First anniversary watch from Paradigm

I was beginning to think that I wasn't going to receive this thing because my one year anniversary with the company was back in July. That is why I was surprised when I came in on Tuesday and Kirsten handed this to me. I opened the box and was surprised at how nice the watch is. I love it! I took it home and put it by my jewelry box. I didn't wear it until today and I am happy to have it.

Now the goal is to wear watches.  I have 3 or 4 watches but do not wear them because I always forget to buy batteries...

Sunday November 27
Borgia series

I came upon this as I was sifting through Netflix. When I saw it, I was excited. Being a history buff, I was intrigued. The Borgia family has always gained my attention but I had never seen a movie or show about them. So, I watched the series. It was amazing and I hope you plan to watch it. You will not be disappointed!

This series is different from the Showtime show "The Borgias". I have not seen that one yet, but plan to watch it soon. I am excited!

I hope you are trying to find the happy things in your life!


  1. Aw, that's hard. My (now) husband and I did long distance for 4 years when we first started dating, and I remember missing him terribly

  2. I hope you get a better start to your week this week.


  3. @skippysays It is extremely hard but I have become accustomed to it. I just try to keep in mind that the long distance makes us stronger. Plus, he comes back at the end of December :)

  4. @Ly Thank you! I appreciate that! I checked out your blog and I like! :)


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