Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fun (maybe) thoughts in California

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I am still in California and am still in shock that I get to spend so much time with Colon. The first few days of the trip ended up being packed with things to do. As soon as the work week started, Colon had to get down to business and work. So, I have been spending a lot of time on my own. It's amazing that I could think of so many random things!

1. Why do I always have to get nervous when I meet new people? Especially when these people are good friends of Colon. It's weird. I don't feel pressure until I find out how close they are with Colon.

2. The sun goes down too early here. I keep saying this and I know I sound like an idiot. You don't know how many people have said " know, when you go farther North, the sun goes down earlier...". It drives me insane. I know that and I am not an idiot. It still surprises me when I look at the dark sky and the clock says 4:30. It's weird. This is why I like Florida!

3. We had to make a trip to the Sprint store on Tuesday. My phone was acting up and Colon was going to be added to my phone plan. Well, everything was set up and it made me happy to see him so giddy with excitement over his new phone. It just bothered me because I wanted a new phone. You can call it phone envy. My phone has been freezing and being annoying. I really need a new phone but I have to wait until November 2012 to be eligible for upgrade. Oh well, Colon has been playing with his phone and I am glad that he was able to get something that he likes.  

4. Before I came to California, two video games (Modern Warfare 3 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom) would always be mentioned in our conversations. It never bothered me, it just made me wish that I could buy it for him. The other day, we stopped by Best Buy and I bought Modern Warfare 3 for him. He loved it and this made me smile. Then, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom was delivered yesterday and he is so happy. He cannot stop playing and I love it. I miss the days when I would lay in his lap and watch him play. So, I don't mind letting him play because I am catching up on lazy time.

Oh, Colon was hesitant for me to mention the games on this blog post. As a disclaimer, I want to say that I am having an amazing time and these video games are only making my time better. I love seeing him happy and I know these video games make him happy.

5. Colon's roommate is super cute and from what I know, he is single. So, if any girl is interested, contact Colon. I am sure he'd be able to introduce you. Wait... Is it wrong for me to post that? Oh well... he won't see this. So, who cares? 

6. I love watching Colon play soccer. I went to his game on Monday and Wednesday and I started to realize how much I miss it.

7. Why is it so hard for boys to take out the trash and wash the dishes. Colon "cleaned" before I got here, but I don't think the trash has been taken out since I arrived. Maybe it will be taken out some time today?

Disclaimer: It was taken out yesterday FINALLY!

8. On Tuesday night, Colon had to work at home. When midnight hit, I could no longer stay up. SO, I went to bed. When he finally came to bed, he started to apologize. He felt bad because he had to work and could not pay attention to me. I kept telling him that it was OK. And you know what? I meant it. I know that he has to work during the week and I knew that I would have to keep myself busy during the week days. I just felt bad because he kept apologizing. I just want him to know that I understand and I don't mind keeping myself busy while he works.

9. Is it weird that we are comfortable talking about our bodily functions in front of each other? Is it too early? It makes me laugh to think about this.

10. Talking about the future with Colon is a little bit scary. I know that he is the one I want to be with, but I am afraid of scaring him away when I say it. Why are relationships so confusing and complicated at times?

11. I am making adobo and am extremely excited for everyone to eat it! Hopefully it comes out good!
12. Colon makes the funniest noise when he eats. I know it would annoy me if I didn't love him so much.
13. Is it weird that I am missing my Florida friends? I am so happy to be here, I just wish my friends could be here too!


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