Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And now to close the suitcase... HELP

It is the day before my trip and I am extremely excited. I think I have completed my packing and I am ready to go. I thought it would be fun to go through the list I made yesterday and cross off the things that I have packed.


a) My toothbrush (Of course...cannot forget about my oral hygiene) It is about time I change my toothbrush, so I have already packed it. I bought a new one for the apartment and will bring my old one to California. 

b) Mouthwash (Call baby & see if he has some. No use in lugging a bottle around if he has some) He has some. No need to bring it! YAY!

c) Facewash/ creme (I really don't want any zits to pop up when I see my love) 

d) Hairbrush 

e) A couple of hair ties/ scrunchies/ clips I did not bring too many. I brought 2 hair ties, a couple of bobby pine and 3 or 4 clips for my hair. 

f) Curling iron (Maybe... just maybe... I will fix my hair when I see him) I could actually fit this in my suitcase, so i decided to bring it!

g) Make-up 

h) Lotion and perfume ( I've got to smell good for my baby)

i) Girly products - you know what I am talking about. What happens if I get a visit from Aunt Flo? I wouldn't dare send my boyfriend to buy my girly feminine products. I respect him enough for that.  


I was determined to bring the least amount of clothes and found that I was able to pack a considerable amount. A girl needs options...right?

a) 3 or 4 pairs of jeans. I can always re-wear/ wash them if I have to. I can always mix and match. I think you need to sit down and put down whatever is in your hand. I ACTUALLY was able to adhere to this. I only packed 3-4 pairs of jeans. 


b) 3-4 jackets/ sweaters: My boyfriend warned me about the weather. He said that it could get pretty chilly. So, I will bring a brown and black light sweater and a brown and black heavy sweater/ jacket. I can never be too safe

c) 4-5 short sleeve shirts. This is just in case it's warm enough to wear them. I will always have a sweater with e just in case the temperature varies. OK. I have to be honest. This really did not happen. I need options, so I packed 8 or 9. THEN I talked to my boyfriend and I reduced it to 3-4.

d) 4-5 long sleeve shirts. He did say it was going to get chilly and I WILL be ready for it. Read my comment for part (c) above. 

e) Undergarments Enough said


I packed 

4 scarves

b) 5 pairs of earrings

c) a couple of belts

d) 2 pairs of heels (I could always buy a pair if I need to)

e) 1 brown pair of flats

f) 1 black pair of flats

g) white keds


a) Camera I plan on taking thousands of pictures and placing pictures on my blog. I made sure that it was fully charged and that I have all of my memory cards and chords needed for it. 

b) Kindle Did you really think I would go without my kindle? I have it loaded up with books so I can read during the flights and when my boyfriend is at work. I made sure that the Kindle was fully charged.

c) Zune Music and games. Javi had me copy a bunch of CD's that I would like to listen to. My flights are the perfect time to listen to new music. I made sure to download the newest games and i also made sure that the Zune was fully charged. 

d) my computer  How can I keep you guys up to date without my computer?  My boyfriend said no! So, I will just have to use his!

e) Chargers I usually forget these. I cannot forget them this time. I put a reminder on my phone that will go off before I leave. Thus, I will not forget to get my phone charger.  

SO, I think I am all set. I have the tickets in my purse and everything set by the door. Time flew by and I am shocked that I am leaving tomorrow. I am going to have such a hard time falling asleep and will probably wake up ridiculously early tomorrow. 

So excited!


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