Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All of the cheesy Christmas movies...


Do you know what's happening out there? Do you hear that?

The sounds are changing.

There's laughter and excitement in the air. 

 I noticed it when Colon and I were driving to San Francisco. I was looking out the window, watching the mountains in the distance and Colon was fiddling with the radio (OF COURSE). He would change the radio station as soon as a song came on that he did not like. I did not mind it, but when I heard a Christmas song I got excited. It wasn't just one song either. Colon left the radio station alone and let me listen to Christmas. Thanksgiving hadn't even come yet. 

When I arrived in Florida, I had to drive back to Gainesville from Tampa. I turned on my car and what did I hear? Christmas music. AGAIN. I listened to it for the whole drive home. It was amazing. When I drove through my neighborhood, I saw that people had put up Christmas lights in their windows and apartments already. I even spied a couple of Christmas trees. How awesome is that?

Speaking of Christmas trees. I want one. But, I don't really want a huge tree. I want a small one that I can carry into my apartment because my boyfriend decided to go gallivanting in California instead of helping me carry my Christmas tree. (I am totally kidding about that. I am not really upset... at least not much). Can you imagine if I decided to go pick up a 6 ft Christmas tree?

Anyways. I want my tree small and I plan on covering it with lights and ornaments. Since Colon is not here, I won't do a themed tree. I will just do a huge assortment of colored ornaments and lights. Just for fun.

 Oh, and I want it to be real. I don't want some fake spiny, non-smelly (is that even a word) Christmas tree.

I want the fluffiness.

I want the mess of the needles (that I can leave accumulating until Colon comes back to clean it up).


And I will not compromise. I mean it.

I cannot believe that I am already starting to think about Christmas. It does not feel like 11 months has gone by since last Christmas. But I guess I'm not complaining. I love the Christmas music, Christmas tree, and all of the Christmas decor. Do you know what I love more than that?

I know it's so cheesy, but who doesn't love cheesy Christmas movies? (COLON do not answer!) I know I love them. I was looking at the Netflix new arrivals to instant watch and I saw a bunch of ABC family Christmas movies. Oh, I queued them right away! (Baby, please do not delete them from the queue!!)

I saw titles like:

Snow and Snow 2

There are more, those are just the ones that came to mind. I'm just excited! 

25 Days of Cheesy Christmas movies! Oh yes! OH and I am going to take out the Home Alone movies and start watching them!


I cannot wait!

Note to self: Buy a Christmas tree!

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