Thursday, October 20, 2011

So many little time

So many thoughts crowding my brain. I've got to let them out some time... 

1. WHOA... Bones is pregnant? I thought I stayed up to date with the show. I guess I was wrong. Time for me to catch up with the show!

2. Why is my Betta fish red? When I bought him, he was blue with red streaks. Now he is completely red: a beautiful bright red. WEIRD!

3. My mom called me! YAY. We have not talked in forever and I have decided to make more of an effort to fix this. For the past week, I have been harassing calling her and have been leaving crazy amounts of messages. She called me back [FINALLY] and I was able to ask her tom come for Thanksgiving. She said yes! YAY

4. 22 Days until I go to California. I am so excited! I have already started a packing list. Oh, and my boyfriend says that I should bring a small amount of clothes because I can do laundry there. Does that mean I don't have to do laundry until I visit and I should bring my laundry to California? 


5. I really want a new digital camera. This one intrigued me but I am also looking at this one. I prefer the Nikon but that is only because I am more familiar with Nikon cameras. 

6. This ear ache if killing me. I had a cold for the past 2 weeks and developed a soar throat a couple of days ago. Along with the soar throat, I also am experiencing pain between my throat and ear. I went to the doctor and he says I have developed an ear infection. This is pain I have never experienced before. That may make me sound like a baby, BUT this is my first ear infection (aside from any that I have had when I was a baby). The doctor says it will go away on its own. Anyone have any ideas (other than aspirin) to quell the pain?

7. I have so many projects (10-15) in progress right now. It is making me scatter brained. Most of them are Christmas presents. Three or four of them are scarves and other winter garments for myself. 

8. I have a thrift store addiction and I need help! 

9. I am loving my research. I am so interested in European history and decided to start researching on my own. I am surprised how obsessed I am with it. I guess I found another hobby :)

10. I want to start decorating for Christmas. OK. I'll be honest. Christmas decorations are slowly starting to appear in my apartment and I am slowly starting to light my Christmasy-scented candles. 

I cannot wait until Christmas. 


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