Monday, October 24, 2011

Scrap-booking and all that jazz

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little bit more than four years. To be more specific, our four and a half year anniversary is on Halloween, which is in about 2 weeks. I am so excited that we are reaching this milestone but am a little sad because he will still be in California on our "Half year Anniversary". When it dawned on me that our anniversary is coming up, I got a little nostalgic and had the urge to look through our scrapbook.

Here's a little background:
 I started this scrapbook in 2008. I was looking through all my pictures and decided that it would be nice to have everything properly documented. I also wanted to use all of my scrap-booking tools. (So much fun. I promise you!) My scrapbook does not even contain a quarter of the photos that I have, but I don't care. It documents all of the special events in our relationship. 
SO, while I was looking through my scrapbook, I thought it would be nice to show you my masterpiece. OK. It isn't a masterpiece, but it makes me happy! I just want to warn you that most of the pages are waiting for finishing touches!

This is the book. It looks completely plain. That has not eluded me.
 I already have plans to emboss the top.  

The first page. I love that it is so simple. If you cannot see it, it says "LOVE".
I love the picture at the bottom of the page. It is one of my favorite pictures of us.
 We had just become "official" in that picture.   

The page on the left is one of my favorites.
 My favorite color is blue, so the page already is favored because of that.
I had fun making this page and GUESS WHAT!
The sand castle sticker was made out of real SAND. It is so cool!

This is from our 1st anniversary trip (which was my gift). He took me to Disney.
YES! he is wearing a Mickey hat. I bought it especially for him. 

This is our  second Valentines day as a couple.
 He was doing an internship in Boston  and he actually flew down to spend  2 or 3 days with me.
 It was so special. This was actually the only picture we took during the whole trip. 

That same year, I was actually able to visit him in Boston.
 I went crazy with the camera. I took a thousand pictures of him.
These were from our breakfast at Dunkin Donuts (they are everywhere up north).

Two more pages from my Boston trip. He took me everywhere. It was so exciting!

The page on the right captures my birthday/ 2 year anniversary flowers.
He got me 2 dozen roses and had them sent to me. they were so beautiful. 

During our 3rd year together, my boyfriend took an internship in California.
He was able to fly me up for a visit and I was so excited. I even created a "Trip to Cali countdown". 

He took me to Napa Valley and we visited so many vineyards...
took so many pictures...

...and did I already mention the vineyards?
So much wine! It was amazing.

He finally came back to Gainesville for spring semester. What did we do for Spring Break?
We went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.
 I still have more pictures (and decorations) to complete  these two pages. 

Our third Valentines day fell between so many exams. We could not go all out. At least he was here!
He ended up buying me a picnic basket (which I loved!)  and he took me to Rainbow Springs.
It was so special. We had a picnic and had a blast!
He went to California (AGAIN) for another internship and I was able to visit.
I made another countdown and he took me to Lake Tahoe. 

He took me to Jo Koy's (the funniest man) show! (on the left side)
AND we went to the "beach", which is basically the lake.
We went on a horse carriage ride through Lake Tahoe and we watched the
 4th of July fireworks on the "beach". it was so beautiful to see the sun set.
The last day of my California trip started with a drive back to Folsom from Lake Tahoe.
 It was the most beautiful drive.
We then hung around and he took me to dinner at BJ's ( we have one her in Gainesville, too).
That is where this picture was taken.
 I was sad because we were heading straight to the airport after dinner.
Thus, the half-ass smile.
Just so you know, I took out some pages from the post since it is already extremely long.After looking through my scrapbook, I am conflicted. I am extremely sad because i miss him so much (and the wine probably does not help. But I am happy because I am going to see him in 3 weeks. YEAH!

I hope you enjoyed. 

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