Monday, October 17, 2011

In the mood for L'amour

I took French the first semester of my senior year of undergrad and I am so glad that I decided to take it (because I opted out of my language requirement in high school). My experience and the view of the language was shaped by my lovely friend Meily and the TA. Meily was the person that mentioned the class to me. She decided to take it and thought it would be fun to take it with me. My French TA was amazing and she made the class bearable. She would bring crepes for the class and would constantly invite some of her French friends to class. She also introduced me to French movies, songs, YouTube videos, and comics. The one artist that I love is Coeur de Pirate. Her music is amazing and always makes me want to sing along. Today, I was listening to Coeur de pirate on Pandora and a song by Claire Denamur started to play. I had heard it a couple of times before, but never knew who the artist was. The lyrics are amazing.Listen to it here. You will not regret it and read the lyrics while you listen.

Enjoy :)


In The mood for L'amour

You inspire

All the good
All the great
Puts me in the mood for love {x2}

Tu m'inspires
Tout le bonLe meilleur
Meilleur que des bonbons
Tu m'inspires tant d'amour

Je t'enlève tes habits
Comme le papier joli
Des caramels

Et le sucre de ta peau
C'est tout ce qu'il me faut
Pour être
In the mood for l'amour

You inspire
 All the good 
All the great 
Puts me in the mood for love {2x}

 Toi, tu es ma friandise
Mon adorée bêtise
De ma faiblesse

Et si seulement je pouvais
T'infuser comme un thé
In the mood for l'amour{au Refrain}

Quoi que la vie nous réserve
D'un baiser sur mes lèvres
Tu me fais
Tout oublier

Pour le meilleur ou le pire
Que l'on s'aime ou qu'on se déchire
J'aurai toujours le souvenir de toi
Pour te chérir

Tu m'inspires
Tout le bon
Le meilleur
Meilleur que des bonbons
Tu m'inspires tant d'amour

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