Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happiness Continued: October 3- October 9

I wish I lived in a library! And that is how I am going to start my post :)

Monday October 3
Mom's Birthday

A couple of days ago, my sister was celebrating her 21st birthday. Today, my mother celebrated her _____ birthday. I love birthdays and my mother's birthday is the most important one. She carried me for 9 months and gave me life. She is most deserving of a happy birthday. 

It made me happy because I called my mother today and left a birthday message. To be honest, I did not expect an answer back. BUT, she defied my expectations. I got a text message back. YAY.


Tuesday October 4
Rose Royce "I'm going down"

I heard this song for the first time on Sister Sister. Tia and Tamera were trying out for a talent show (or something like that) and they sang this song. I fell in love with it. I had to find out who the original singer was, and I have to say that the original is so much better. Listen to it. There is so much heart in this song. 

Wednesday October 5
New Kindle

Of course, I heard about the new Kindle products from my boyfriend. He was nerding it up (again) and saw the new Kindle Fire. He showed it to me and I fell in love. I automatically wanted one. He had to remind me that I have to play with one first to make sure that I like it. But, let me just say... 

I want one! 

Thursday October 6
The New Girl

Who's that girl? It's Jess...

The theme song is so catchy and after hearing it, I was hooked. I love Zoey Deschanel and this show increased my love for her. She was adorable in 300 Days of Summer and I could not wait to see her in something else. She is quirky and ...
 I suggest that you watch the show. You will definitely fall in love with her and the show. 

Friday October 7
The Spartans- PBS World Special

This is going to make me sound so nerdy, but I have been watching this documentary today. I am starting to enjoy watching the PBS World shows. I guess I like it because I like history :)

It all started when I came home from class today and turned on the TV for some background noise. I was planning to cook dinner and stuff my face before I headed to The Wine and Cheese Gallery (again) for happy hour. I have to say that I did do as I planned, I just watched the show that was on PBS. It was about the Spartans and was extremely interesting. This show has spurred my interest in studying European history on my own....Which I will get started with right now...

Saturday October 8
Pan Am

Before I watched the first episode, I read reviews left by others. The reviews were horrible and they almost deterred me from watching the show. I ended up watching the first episode and noticed the things that others commented on, but I still enjoyed the show. The women are beautiful and this show makes me want to be a PanAm stewardess. I like the show and I urge you to watch it to see what you think.

Sunday October 9
The Hunger Games

I was skeptical about this book and I think it stemmed from a comment that my friend Chris made while we were Skyping. He said that it was a "teenage" book when I asked if he knew anything about it. "The Hunger Games" started popping up all over my Twitter and Facebook and I became extremely curious. Thus, my curiosity won and I decided to download the book and read it. I do not regret my decision in the slightest.

Read it. You will NOT be sorry!

Ok... TTFN


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