Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happiness Continued: October 24- October 30

I've got the reading bug this week... Thank God for my kindle !!!!!!!!

Monday October 24
Mockingjay Suzanne Collins

Throughout the last week or two, I started reading the Hunger Games series. The books consumed my mind and I was unable to put down the books/kindle. Yesterday, I started reading Mockingjay, the third book in the series, and I ended up finishing it today. I am thoroughly impressed and I have to admit that Suzanne Collins has become one of my favorite writers. Read the books and you will see what I mean. 

Tuesday October 25
Taylor Lautner

Umm... Look at that face...need I say more? 

Wednesday October 26
Friends of the Library sale (with Manny)

Every semester, there is a Friends of the Library book sale here in Gainesville. It usually lasts 5-6 days and the books are always extremely cheap. I absolutely love going to the sales and am always excited to go to them. I never know what books I am going to find and I always come out with a hefty amount of books. Today, I went to the sale with my friend Manny and ended up buying 16 books. I am so excited to start reading them, but am so overwhelmed with all of the books I have yet to read. 

Thursday October 27

Can you believe that I will be face to face with my love in 2 weeks? I cannot even stop smiling when I think about it AND I constantly have to stop myself from packing my bags. 

Friday October 28
My kindle

When I first heard about the Kindle and the Nook, I was not interested in getting one. I loved books and thought I would be a traitor to books if I bought one. It never occurred to me that I could still buy the physical books for my future library. So, I was against the e-readers. Then, ALL of my girlfriends suddenly had a Kindle and I was able to see how cool they were. Once this happened, I was obsessed. I wanted one so bad. It would be so convenient to have and I wouldn't have to lug around lots of books on my vacations. So, what did I do?

I made it EXTREMELY obvious (to my boyfriend) that I wanted one. I say extremely because he picked up on it and bought me one a month before my birthday. I was so happy to get it and immediately started downloading books onto it. I read and read. But, I do not think I appreciated it as much as I have this week. I have read 6 books this week (I am a fast reader) and have noticed that I cannot make myself leave home without my Kindle. So, I guess you can say that I am having an affair with my Kindle. Baby, you'd better watch out. You have competition. 


Saturday October 29
Twilight Series

I cannot believe that I have this listed as one of my things of happiness. I can just imagine my boyfriend's face as he reads this. He is probably laughing uncontrollably at this moment. 

OH WELL. I have to be honest. I always claimed that I disliked Twilight. First, because I knew it was a "teen" vampire book. Second, because the movies weren't really that good. I saw the first movie with my sisters and was completely confused. Some of the lines made me squirm because they were so cheesy. I saw the second one because a friend asked me to go with her. I enjoyed the second one, but was still confused with certain elements of the story. I failed to see the third one and Twilight stayed out of my thoughts for a year or so. Then, I saw the trailer for Breaking Dawn: Part one and I decided that I cannot make any judgments about the story because I have not read the books. Plus, everyone that I meet says that the books are better than the movies. So, I allowed myself to read the Twilight books. I started on Thursday and ended up finishing the last one today. I have to say that the books are actually good. A little bit cheesy, but romances are always cheesy. They really did bring out the teenage-girl in me and now I miss my boyfriend more. 

Sunday October 30
Reading outside on a beautiful, cool day

Yup. Just me and my kindle outside on a beautiful cool day. I love it.

Ok... Now I have to convince my boyfriend to take me to see the fourth movie of Twilight. Do you think I will win?


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