Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happiness Continued: October 10 - October 16

It is becoming extremely difficult to mask my excitement about my trip to California. I still have about a month until I leave, but I know how quickly the month will go by. Every time I talk to my boyfriend, I become more excited and become more anxious. Oh well... at least I have so many exciting things to keep me busy.

Monday October 10
Exactly one month until my trip

I love this picture. It has the number 1 and it says "California". You are probably looking at it and thinking "Lourdes, that is a highway sign". I know it is, but I love that the sign says all the things that pertain to this post. I have exactly one month until I go and see my love. I am so excited and cannot stop talking about it. It feels like it is so far away, but I know that I will be on that plane soon. I am so excited! I cannot wait to take pictures and spend time with my love. 

Tuesday October 11
My history research

I remember taking European History and Latin American History in high school. These classes were my favorite classes. i mean, I loved chemistry and math, but I loved how history is just a true story. I love knowing when certain trends in countries started; and knowing who implemented certain policies that we still see in societies today. It really does interest me and I regret not taking history classes during my undergrad. 

So, I have started my own research and have made this my new hobby. I have started with my favorite country: England. More precisely, I am doing the United Kingdom along with Ireland. I am currently in 13th century England and once I have reached modern England, i will move towards Scotland. I then plan to do more research on continental Europe and break it down as I go (i.e France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, etc.). I also want to start researching religions and how they influenced politics and societies. I know it is a long plan and it will take years to complete, but I am still having fun with it. SO, I hope I continue to enjoy it. 

Wednesday October 12
Moon River - sung by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

As you know, Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite actresses. She is beautiful. She is classy. One of my favorite movies starring Audrey is Breakfast at Tiffany's. One (there are many) of my favorite parts of the movie is when she sits in the window sill with her guitar and sings Moon River. She is gorgeous and the song is just so serene and beautiful. I especially love the smile that she gives to Paul at the  end of the song (1:39 in the video). 

Thursday October 13
Washing my own down comforter

This sounds weird. I know. BUT my comforter was extremely filthy. I was delaying a trip to the dry cleaners because I hate the smell of the chemicals they use on the comforter. Also, the dry cleaner tends to decrease the "fluff" of the comforter. SO, I finally had time to do something with my comforter and I decided to wash it myself. How did I do it? I made sure my tub was EXTREMELY clean. (This was quite easy because I clean my tub every day!) I plugged up my tub and put my comforter in the tub. I then put 1/3 of a cap full in the tub and filled my tub with water. I hand washed the comforter and was so excited. I could see all the dirt (which I am sure sounds disgusting) color the water and that made me so excited. It was a step closer to a clean comforter. I then took it to the laundromat and popped the comforter in the dryer.

I just have to say that I am so glad that I did not take my comforter to the dry cleaners. It did not smell like chemicals and ended up smelling like my detergent. It was extremely fluffy and it came out white! After the dry cleaners, my comforter always came out with a faint yellow/ brown color. That made me weary because it looked dirty. Now I am happy and have a comfortable, clean comforter. 

OH YEAH! #winning

(I love the hashtags)

Friday October 14
My mom called

For the past couple of months, I have been bothered by the fact that I have not spoken to my mother in such a long time. It was really aggravating and was eating me up inside. SO, I decided that I would call her. I have tried calling before but never received a call back. I was determined to call and call until I get a response. That is what I did this week and I guess I must have really annoyed her (or at least made her understand that I would not stop calling) because she called me today. I was at my usual Friday spot: the wine and cheese gallery. I had already had a glass of wine and had already ordered my fromage et baguette when my phone starts to vibrate. I look at the screen and see "ICE" (in case of emergency). I was so surprised and thought "Am I already drunk? no... I cannot be". But I answered the phone and talked to my mom. It was nice. She also agreed to come down for Thanksgiving. I am so excited!

Saturday October 15
My Betta changed colors

You are probably sick of hearing about Dundie but I have to make him today's thing of happiness. Lately I have started to notice that Dundie's body and fins were changing colors. When I bought him, he was a faint blue with red streaks on his fins. I knew he was sick and bought him with the goal of nursing him back to health. Well, I started his treatments and he was getting better. The blue on his body and fins started to brighten and the red also became more bright and prominent. The last couple of days, the blue started to diminish and the red started to become more prominent. I woke up today and he was completely red. There are faint bright blue lines on him, but he looks beautiful. He is bright red and his fins look amazing. I am so surprised and am so glad that he is healthy. I am just confused. Do Bettas usually change colors like that?

Sunday October 16
Transplanting my orchid/ My orchids are still living

I am happy and proud to say that my orchids are still alive. The two plants that were already flowering, lost their flowers a couple of months ago. I have been researching and have found that they will bloom again as long as I take care of them. I also bought a small orchid plant last June. It was a baby plant and did not have any flowers. I bought it as a test to see if I can keep an orchid alive. It is still alive and has been growing new leaves along with a new stem. Today, as I picked up the plant to water it, I noticed that there was more than one plant system. I ended up removing the plants and moss from the small pot and separating the two plants. I had another orchid pot lying around and was able to replant both plants. So, not I have four extremely healthy orchid plants. I am so happy and am excited to see the plants flower again.  

I assume that I have thoroughly bored you with my rants. Oh well, I had fun filling you in on my (random) week of happiness. 

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