Thursday, October 6, 2011

Disappointment... oh well...

In the last Happiness Continued post, I mentioned that I was able to get tickets to the Florida versus Alabama football game last Saturday. I was so excited. I did not care what people were saying about the game. I knew this was a big game and I was going to root for the Gators no matter what happens. I knew it was going to be a tough game and knew that there was a possibility that we could lose. But, I did not care. I knew I was going to have fun. 


We started off so well. We got a touchdown so quickly and we had the lead. It felt good. I was so happy and was cheering so loudly. Then things started going badly. Alabama started to catch up and we were losing momentum. Despite the fact that we were not doing so hot, the fans were still cheering and having fun. But, when Alabama made their 3rd touchdown that began to change. I was so disappointed in my fellow Gator fans. 

Disappointed and embarrassed. 

I just do not understand how people can "abandon" their team like that. People started filing out of the stadium in the middle of the third quarter and I felt so bad for the team on the field. They had to see their so-called "fans" abandoning them in the middle of the game. I stayed until the end and I had fun. EVEN when our team was not doing so well. 

I will FOREVER bleed orange and blue!

And to me, It will ALWAYS be 


So, The tide could roll all the way back to Alabama. 



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