Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happiness Continued: September 5 - September 11

Monday September 5
Having Labor Day off

I have always loved the Fall semester. There are so many "vacation" days. The first day off of the semester was today and it was such a relaxing day. I woke up extremely late and am not ashamed of sleeping in. I got so many errands done and did not have to worry about school.
I may have chosen this very thing as my "happy" thing of the day last year, but I am choosing it again. I guess this just reiterates how much i love days off!

Tuesday September 6
Typing up my homework in LaTeX

l finally taught myself how to type up my homework in LaTeX. This makes me happy and makes me feel accomplished. All I have to say is

PS... It is pronounced "Lay-Tech"

Wednesday September 7
Winning a poke war with my boyfriend

This may seem extremely juvenile but my boyfriend and I just finished a poke war. Can you guess who won?


Of course I did! He is currently in denial and will not admit that I won but that is OK. I am content with knowing that I won. YAY!

Thursday September 8
The Office Season 7 Bloopers

Today, I was checking my Google Reader and stumbled upon this video.You already know how much I love The Office. So, you should not be surprised that the show ended up in my list AGAIN. I have seen every episode and these bloopers STILL make me laugh.

You should definitely watch this video. It is hilarious.

Friday September 9
Going out for Liz's birthday

Last year, the math grad students went out for Liz's birthday and I was not able to attend. I was determined to go this year. I absolutely adore Liz and wanted to spend time with her on her birthday. We ended up going to The Top to get dinner and a couple of drinks. We then went to Boca Fiesta and danced the night away. I had so much fun and am pretty sure that Liz did too. YAY for birthdays!

Saturday September 10
My paintings

I have always wished that I had more creative talent. I wish that I drew better and that I could paint better. Oh well, I have to make due with the talents that I have. You probably are looking at my paintings and you are thinking "It looks like a 5th grader painted that". Do you know what I say to that?


I had so much fun painting them and am extremely proud of my paintings.
Sunday September 11
Grateful for the life I have (due to September 11)

I promise that I will not do a whole mushy "Proud to be an American" post, but I HAVE to at LEAST put this as my happy thing of the day.

Today I woke up and turned on the TV. I was drawn to all of the news concerning September 11, 2001. Today is the 10 year anniversary and it reminded me of how lucky I am to have the life I am living.

For the past couple of weeks the anniversary was talked about everywhere but it never really hit me. While watching the tributes on TV, I started to remember where I was and what I was doing on September 11,2001. I was sitting in class at Brentwood Middle school. My teacher flicked on the TV and I was watching. I am so ashamed of the fact that I had no idea what was REALLY going on. I did not realize how much this would impact my life. I watched the news without really listening to what they were saying. It was as if I was watching a silent movie. My teachers kept crying.

Now, I realize the significance of those events. I am so lucky that my family is safe. 

I will stop with the mushiness and continue with my busy life.

Much love,

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