Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happiness Continued: September 19 - September 25

The last couple of days, I have been missing my boyfriend more and more. I constantly find myself looking at plane tickets and when I do this it makes me want to quit everything and drop everything I am doing so that I can go visit him. Then, my responsible side takes over and I try to keep myself busy so I do not think about how much I miss him. This list definitely helps me. It helps me focus on the positive and keeps me from being pessimistic. This week's list is extremely exciting... so I suggest you read on...

Monday September 19
Going for a jog...FINALLY

If you have ever spent time with me, then you know how lazy I am. So, you would be surprised that I actually got up off my ass and went jogging today. OK...OK... I didn't get up with the intention to run. I was actually planning to go to the gym and use some of the machines. 

Monday's are my days off from work. So, basically, I have nothing planned other than school. Thus, 23 hours of my day are free of obligations. Today, as I was "Stumble(ing)Upon" and watching TV, so many thoughts were going through my head.

"I feel fat and everything I ate today is fattening and unhealthy"

So, I changed and drove to GP. I was determined to work out in the gym, but when I walked in I noticed that i was the only female out of 7 people. Thus, this spurred my decision to jog around the complex. I absolutely loved it and was able to jog 2 laps around the complex. 

I know my legs are going to hurt tomorrow, but I do not care. AND I challenge myself to run again tomorrow. Hopefully I don't let laziness take over tomorrow.

Tuesday September 20
Picture of Audrey Hepburn

There are a few pictures of Audrey Hepburn that EVERYBODY has seen. they are familiar with them and are the typical pictures that you see on posters. 

This picture is NOT one of them. When I stumbled upon this picture (on Tumblr), I was in AWE. I had never seen this one, or anything like this picture. She is gorgeous and the colors in this picture only enhance her beauty. 

PS... I challenged myself yesterday and i fulfilled the challenge AGAIN today. I jogged from my apartment down 23rd towards Williston. 
I then jogged down Williston towards 34th. 
THEN down 34th towards 35th. 
THEN down 35th towards 23rd. 
Once I hit 23rd, I jogged towards my apartment. 
I definitely had to push myself, but I DID it! You can say that LMFAO was my motivation. I was trying to run to the beat of their songs.

Wednesday September 21
Rain storms

So, i continued with my running today. I saw clouds moving in and decided to try to beat the rain. I was lucky. When I stepped into the apartment, it started to pour. I took a shower and when I came out, it was STILL pouring. So, what did I do? 

I laid in my bed and read. It was amazing and I absolutely loved it. this is why I love Florida. I never want to leave! (Chris and my boyfriend are probably scowling after that comment).

 I probably have posted this same exact "happy" thing before, but I have to say that I don't care. This is definitely worth a re-post. 

Yay for rain storms. 

Thursday September 22
New Modern Family episodes

There were so many shows starting this week. It was kind of overwhelming. The new season of Modern Family started yesterday. Since I do not have cable, I watched it on Hulu (Thank God for Hulu) today. I laughed so hard! It was a promising start for the season and has me excited to watch every Thursday!

Friday September 23
The Office started yesterday...AMAZING


The Office started yesterday and I did not get to watch it until today. (AGAIN, Thank God for Hulu!) Ever since Michael Gary Scott/ Steve Carell left, I have been nervous about the show. Yesterday's episode showed promise and made me laugh a lot. 

Here are a few things that made me laugh:

The planking intro
...Shove it up your butt
Andy Bernard as RM
Pam and the commercial

For some reason, I cannot think of anything else. But, I suggest you watch it. It is actually pretty good and shows that Michael Gary Scott's exit did not ruin the show. 

Saturday September 24
Sending gifts to my mom and sisters

My sister's birthday is next week and I decided to send her a small gift. I found a beautiful necklace and knew that I had to buy it for my sister. I am just hoping that it gets to her before her birthday.

After buying her gift, I had the gift-giving bug. I found a necklace that I know my mother would like. So, I bought it and had it sent to her. As I was looking for this necklace, I found a pair of earrings that my other sister would like. So, I also bought the earrings. I really should not be spending money, but everything was relatively cheap and they are for family. So, I think I spent my money wisely. 

25th straight win against Kentucky

After I watched the game against Kentucky, I HAD to include this in the list. Ever since I started at UF, we have ALWAYS beat Kentucky AND we won again today. Of course, I never doubted that we would. Today continued our streak of beating them and it was the 25th consecutive win against them. 

How can you not want to be a Gator?

Sunday September 25
Olivia De Havilland

Do you know who Olivia de Havilland is? 

She played Melanie Hamilton in Gone with the Wind. I remember when I first saw the movie. I disliked Melanie (meaning I disliked Olivia) because she was Scarlett O'Hara's rival. After watching the movie a couple of times, I started to like the character more. I started to realize that Melanie Hamilton was a great person. That was when I became interested in watching more movies that she starred in. 

She really is a great actress. She is actually the older sister of Joan Fontaine (another AMAZING actress) and their relationship was a turbulent one. I will not go into detail about her, I just think that everyone should watch a couple of movies that she acted in. She is a great actress and her movies are worth watching. Plus, if you like romantic movies, you should watch one of the 9 (or 10) movies that she starred in with Errol Flynn. Their chemistry was amazing. 

I guess I am done with the list for the week.

Your love-sick puppy,


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