Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happiness Continued: August 29- September 4

Secong week of school... and still SUPER BUSY! Here I go..

Monday August 29
Puzzle necklace

Do you remember buying friendship bracelets when you were younger? You probably remember buying them when you were 12. This is why I am a little bit embarrassed to say that I bought a friendship bracelet a couple of days ago. I know. I know. I am 23 years old and I am still reverting back to my 12 year old ways. But, I thought that this friendship necklace was tres cool and it was symbolic of my relationship with my friend Chris. A year ago, he moved to Virginia and I miss him terribly. I am usually horrible at keeping in contact with people, but we seem to make it work with regular Skype sessions and frequent phone calls. One day, during a Skype session, I thought it would be cool to look up friendship bracelets. I came across the puzzle friendship bracelets and thought that they were amazing. Both Chris and I love doing jigsaw puzzles and he was the first friend I made at UF. Why not buy them?

Tuesday August 30
Kirsten's promotion

So, there have been a lot of changes at work. Candice is being transferred to another property and someone had to fill her spot as property manager at GP. Can you guess who got the job? If you can't, let me give you a couple of hints.

She is amazing.

She does a great job here at GP and when she was hired, a better decision could not be made. She is very knowledgeable about the happenings of the property and definitely knows what she is doing.

Have you guessed yet?

If you guessed Kirsten, then you are completely correct. I am so happy for her and I have no doubt that she will do well in her new position. All I can say is:

Wednesday August 31
Candice's move

The one sad thing about Kirsten taking over, is that Candice has to leave. Candice is an amazing boss and has created a new standard for me. I will always compare managing styles with hers and will always respect her for it. I do not want to say that I am unhappy that she is leaving. Of course, I would rather her stay here. BUT, I know this is a great opportunity and it will give her a chance to show how amazing she is at her job.

Candice, if you are reading, I just want to say I love you and I know you will do amazing at ANYTHING that comes your way!

Thursday September 1
Finding a copy of Beowulf

I have this horrible obsession with shopping. Especially when it comes to shopping at a thrift store. I like taking old things and making them into something different. It is just so much fun. One of my favorite things to do is find old books. I love to read and old books always make me feel as if I am holding something important. It's as if they had a life before me. 

Anyways, let me get to the point. I went to a thrift store today and as I was checking out, I found an old copy of Beowulf. I remember reading it in high school. It brought back memories. 

Friday September 2
Shopping with Kayla

I have not seen my friend, Kayla, in about a month. I finally got to see her today and I had a blast. We planned to go to dinner, but we then decided to just take a trip to the mall. Usually, when I go to the mall, I spend an hour. This time, we spent 3-4 hours shopping. I liked this trip because I was able to buy slacks for work and other NECESSITIES. I usually buy things that are not "necessities" and I always feel guilty after I buy them. This time, I actually felt good and I had a great companion with me!

Saturday September 3
New season of Gator Football

How could anyone NOT be a Gator fan? I ask myself that question all the time. I  have to admit that I was impartial to Gator football, let alone any college football, before I came to UF. Then I went to my first Florida football game. That is all it took to get me hooked. I am a dedicated Gator fan and will always be a Gator fan. 

THAT is why I was so excited today. The season started and the game was fantastic. All I can say is:


Sunday September 4
Sherona Flemming

I am a HUGE fan of Monk and I can watch episodes over and over again. From the very first episode, I fell in love with the characters. I loved Disher, Monk, Benjy, Captain, and especially Sherona. A couple of seasons in, Sherona left and was replaced with Natalie. This was hard for me to accept. I was so used to Sherona and truly loved her character. So, this entry is dedicated to Sherona. She was the best!

It took so long to get this published, but I finally did it!  YAY


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