Friday, September 9, 2011

Dundie and Dwight find a new home...

School, work, and my two house companions have been taking over my life. Dundie and Dwight have been such a delight and have grown more special to me. At first, I bought them to keep me company. Now, they have become essential to my day. Every morning, I wake up and "hang out" with them. I feed them; I talk to them. I absolutely love them. This is why I am dedicating this post to my lovely fish. 

Two weeks ago, I was feeling quite lonely. this is when I decided that I would buy a Betta fish. I, of course, did not want to buy a fish without doing research. I see too many people buy fish without knowing how to properly care for fish. i did not want to be one of those people. So I did my research.

I went to the store and choose the saddest fish in the bunch. Why did I choose the saddest one? I choose him because I knew that he was the one that needed me the most. So, I bought a 1 gallon tank, some water conditioner, aquarium salt, and some fish food. 

As I was walking through PetSmart, I saw that most tanks had snails in them. This made me want a snail. I knew snails help with algae control in the tank and I knew that they were easy to take care of. Thus, Dwight was coming home with me, also. 

So, You saw a picture of my beautiful Dundie. When I first bought him, his tail and fins were dull navy blue with yellow/orange streaks in them. After a week under my care, he is bright blue and the yellow/orange has brightened to a red. He is beautiful. 

 Now, let me formally introduce you to Dwight. I know it is not a great picture, but bear with me. This picture was taken today, and within two weeks he has already grown so much. Near the opening of the shell, you can actually see a thin layer of newly grown shell. I think it is so cool when I put a piece of lettuce in the tank and it disappears within a day. Dwight really likes lettuce!!! 

When I first bought Dundie and Dwight, I bought regular pellets, freeze dried brine shrimp, and some algae wafers. 

I made the mistake of feeding the freeze dried brine shrimp to Dundie before I fed him the pellets. He absolutely loved them and now he will not eat the pellets.

 I also bought the algae wafers for Dwight. I bought them just in case I ran out of fresh veggies to feed him. Whenever I put a pellet into the tank, it is gone within 20 minutes.  

On my most recent trip to PetSmart, I started looking for another kind of food that I can feed Dundie and I was also looking for a cute tank decoration.  

Throughout my research, I kept coming across "bloodworms". I had seen them on my trips to the store before, but I disliked the name. Thus, I thought that "bloodworms" were disgusting and my fish should not eat them. This time, I decided that I would try them out. I had heard how good they were for fish and how much they like them. I am glad that I bought them for Dundie. He attacks it every time I put one in the tank. The thing is... he still will not eat the freaking pellets.

What kind of decoration did I get for the tank? 
I was looking for something small because my tank is not that spacious. That was when I saw the turtle figurine. I want a turtle and thought that a turtle figurine would be perfect in the tank. it was small and cute.


If you look at the picture on the right, You will actually see Dundie. He could not resist!

In all seriousness, I have come to adore Dundie and Dwight. My boyfriend and friends call me "special", but I do not care what they think. They (Dundie and Dwight) are no different from other animals like cats and dogs. They need love. They need attention. AND I can give it to them. They are perfect for me.  

Now, all I need is a turtle. Hopefully I can get one soon. I just need a few supplies. I have already picked out a name for my turtle. Can you guess what it is? 

I guess I will end this post with a picture of my small tank. 

Hope you enjoyed,


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