Thursday, September 8, 2011


If I can describe my work week in one sentence, it would be:

How did I arrive to this conclusion?

Here, let me bring you up to speed. Two to three weeks ago, we moved in hundreds of new residents. After 3 weeks of preparation, the day had finally come. We had spent three weeks of cleaning, walking, inspecting and our work was finally going to pay off. We were going to move everyone in and get to meet all of our new residents. The night before move-in, I was actually anxious and nervous. From last year's move-in experience, I knew that no matter how beautiful an apartment looks, the resident will ALWAYS find something to complain about. This is what worried me. I was not ready to deal with disappointed and upset people.

I guess that my concern did not matter, because I slept well that night and move-in day came quickly. The next day went pretty well. I lucked out because I was on the move-in front; Meaning I was in charge of moving people in and directed people to customer service if they had any questions or concerns.

 It went smoothly on my end, but I heard of some of the complaints that people had. These complaints surprise me. They surprise me because I never would complain about (most) of the things that I heard complaints of.
1) If I was renting an apartment, especially a STUDENT living apartment, I would not expect the rooms to be EXTREMELY clean. Granted, there were some disaster apartments, but some people complained about the littlest things. When I move into an apartment, the first thing I expect to do before I unpack is commit at least half a day to HEAVY CLEANING. When I say "HEAVY CLEANING" I mean, steam cleaning, bleach filled, intense cleaning. I intend to pull out all appliances and clean. I understand that I am living with other college students, and most college students tend to be... dare I say it... SLOBS.

I may be saying this because I am a neat freak, but I feel that many of the complaints concerning cleaning stem from:
a) The laziness of people. I mean, really, who WANTS to clean?

b) The naivete of young people. This is their first time from home and they are expecting an "ideal" situation.

c) The spoiling from parents. I am not saying that people are spoiled. I am saying that many people, including myself, are used to their parents keeping everything tidy. Thus, they are not used to how much it takes to keep an apartment clean.
2) When I moved into my first apartment, I definitely understood that maintenance and work orders would be "delayed" for the first few weeks. I knew that there were hundreds of other people moving in and each person had a ton of work order requests. Why can't others understand that? Especially at such a large complex? This is what confuses me the most. The lack of understanding and PATIENCE. When will people understand that a LIGHT BULB compared to a LEAK is not an EMERGENCY? This just boggles my mind and when people say this to me I become speechless.

Overall, the move-in experience has shown me two things:
1) In a handful of people, there are a few genuinely nice and understanding people.
2) How easy it is to have a pessimistic view of society due to the actions of others.

I choose to be optimistic and am working on seeing the good in all people. I have to admit that this is hard and it truly is a trying task. But I know I can do it. I have noticed that I have a higher tolerance than others and  I think that I have a handle on my frustration and I am fairly adept at controlling my temper. Thus, my goal is to build my tolerance even further. I plan on doing this by rationalizing everything and trying harder to view the other person's perspective when I am thrown into a situation.

I would like to hear about your experiences with people that try your patients. Whether it is a random person at the store or someone that you work/ live with.

Your "patient" friend,


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