Saturday, September 3, 2011

Booties for the fall...

Summer is slowly coming to an end. Here in Florida, it may not feel as if it is coming to an end but as you look around in stores you will start to notice fall-themed decorations. You can even find yummy-smelling candles on the shelves.

With the on-coming season, I thought it would be appropriate to start searching for boots. I mean, I cannot keep wearing flip flops and sandals during the fall and winter, right?

Keeping weather in mind, I made a small list of criteria:

1) I am looking for shoes that will keep my feet warm when the temperature starts to drop. Thus, the shoes must cover my feet.

2) The shoes must be comfortable. I am looking for casual shoes that can be worn to any non-formal occasion. (i.e to school, to a casual dinner, to the movies, etc). I would prefer the shoes that are not heels. 

Can you guess what shoe I came up with? 

A bootie.

 I was looking online and I, of course, look on Since I have developed a new-found obsession with boots, I decided I would peruse the "bootie" section. This is what I found:

This is the "Ring bootie". they look extremely comfortable and I like that they are not over the top. 

I think they will do fine.

Do you have any shoes that you are currently obsessing about?


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