Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happiness Continued: August 8- August 21

Isn't she gorgeous?

These weeks have been so busy. This has led to a lapse in posting. But do not fear, I am finally publishing the objects of my happiness. YAY... I hope you enjoy...

Before I start, I need to warn you that most of my "happiness" in the last two weeks has come from actors and actresses. This may be because I "vegged" out on my spare time. All I have to say is that my couch and I have become best friends!

Monday August 8
Richard and Paige

This entry may seem weird to you but I have to include this in my list. I hold Richard in high regard and I am absolutely in love with Paige. I love their dynamic and I always have fun when I spend time with them. They are constantly joking around and are extremely funny. The only thing about them is that they make me miss my boyfriend even more!

Tuesday August 9
We're Going to be Friends - Jack Johnson

I know that this is a cover of "We're going to be friends" by the White Stripes. I have to admit that this version sounds better to me. As you know, I love Jack Johnson's voice and his voice makes this song even better! The lyrics are so silly and somewhat... innocent. 

Wednesday August 10
Alexis Bledel

Ever since she appeared in Gilmore Girls, I have loved her. I think that she is gorgeous. I have seen her in a couple of movies and I have to admit that she is a little bit dull, but her role in Gilmore Girls will forever be with me. 

This may sound kind of weird, but I Googled her and read the information on Wikipedia. It turns out that she is Argentinian and her first language was English. I never would have thought that she was Argentinian. Thank God for Wikipedia and the random information it feeds me.

Thursday August 11
Gilmore Girls

How could Gilmore Girls NOT have appeared on this list? I watched this show all the time. I remember coming home from school and "studying" while I watched this show. I always dreamed of having the relationship that Rory and Lorelai had.
 Whenever they cried.
 I cried. 
Whenever they laughed.
 I laughed.

I think you get the picture. I loved the show!

Friday August 12
Alyssa Milano

You are probably aware of my obsession with Charmed. This is the show that sparked my interest in ALyssa milano. I think she is beautiful. Watching Charmed had convinced me that  she was fun and quirky. After watching her other movies, I am finding that this is true. I have to admit that she is not the best actress BUT she lets her quirkiness come through in the characters that she plays. 

Saturday August 13
Lauren Conrad

I. Love. Her. 
I have learned her ever since I saw her in Laguna Beach. I think she is so pretty and I believe that she would be a good friend. i also love her blogs. They are too cute and so helpful!

Sunday August 14
My new friend Matt

So much fun.
Says the funniest things.
I definitely enjoy his company!

Monday August 15
Elizabeth Taylor

Beautiful. Her eyes are amazing and her features are just GORGEOUS. I have seen so many of her movies and watched her transform from a little girl, to a young woman. I have seen her mature on screen and witnessed her beauty grow. If you have not seen her in a movie, I recommend you watch Father of the Bride. It is quite simple and a little bit different than the modern one, BUT it is worth watching. 

Tuesday August 16
Natalie Wood


As I typed that, I was thinking of how it was sung in West Side Story. If you have not guessed it, Natalie Wood played Maria in West Side Story. She looked so young and was so beautiful. she has features similar to Elizabeth Taylor. She looked so innocent, yet alluring. I love her!

Wednesday August 17
Vivien Leigh

"I'll think about it tomorrow"

Do you know where that is from? Scarlett O'Hara said it in Gone With the Wind. And if you did not know, Scarlett O'Hara is played by the lovely Vivien Leigh. I love her voice and, although she is quite annoying in Gone with the Wind, she is quite an actress. If you would like to see her in a movie that shows her acting talents, I advise you to watch A Streetcar Named Desire, This movie will show you that she can act!

Thursday August 18
Successful move-in day

Today was the day that we were all working for. the past 3 weeks, we have been walking apartments and cleaning apartments. Thank God it is over. Today went by smoothly compared to last year's move-in day. YAY

Friday August 19
Oreo cookie pie

All I can say is YUMMY

Saturday August 20
My new fish and snail

I have been so lonely lately. I have been hanging out with people and having a blast. The confusing thing is that I get lonely during the times that  I want to be alone. I think that loneliness is stemming from the need to "love" and "take care" of something. That is where the trip to PetsMart came from. I went in knowing that I was not interested in getting a large animal. I wanted something that would not need constant attention. 

What did I end up getting?
A Betta fish and a snail. They are the easiest thing to take care of and yet I can put in as much attention as I want. 

What did I end up naming them? 
I named my Betta fish, Dundie. I, also ended up naming my snail, Dwight. Do you recognize the names? they are from The Office. 

Sunday August 21
My new painting

School starts tomorrow and I needed a distraction. I wasn't extremely excited to go back to school, so i decided to draw. The outcome was a beautiful picture. It was not my best work of art, but it came out to be better than I expected. Let me know what you think!

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