Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lady in red...

The color red. It is so beautiful and...dare I say it...


That is why I need a pair of red pumps. A closet is not complete without them. So, I am sad to say that my closet is not complete. For the past year, I have been looking for a fabulous pair of red pumps but have been discouraged. Do you know how much (a good pair of) red pumps are? 


That is why I am here highlighting and daydreaming about them. 

The other day, my friend Chris bought a pair of shoes from I had never heard of this website and decided to check it out. I found the pumps shown below. They are beautiful and seem extremely comfortable. I can only imagine the outfits I could wear them with. The only thing about them that bother me are the prices.

I am going to bed now and am going to dream about dancing the night away in a new pair of red pumps.


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