Thursday, July 21, 2011

In middle school, I had to take a "professional development" class. In this class we were taught that one should dress appropriately for a job and that the job description will inform you of the dress code. I am surprised to see that I was taught this (and learned something from it) in the sixth grade, while others are still struggling with this concept. So, for those of you that seem to be struggling, I will create an extremely short list for you. This short list will mainly consist of things that I have witnessed in various workplaces that I have been to.

1. One should NEVER wear tights, leggings, or anything of the       

     Tights and leggings tend to hug your body tightly and should generally not be worn outside of a work out setting or casual setting. Thus, they are not appropriate for work. If we can see every wrinkle on your thighs and derriere there is a problem. This SHOULD be an indication to yourself that you should change. It gives customers the wrong impression. Keep in mind: If you can't even dress for the job, customers will not respect anything that comes out of your mouth. Also, you may think you look sexy, but the workplace is NOT an APPROPRIATE place to show off your sexiness. 

2. Jeans should NEVER be worn into an office setting

Jeans are too casual and do not look professional no matter what industry you are in. To make it easier, I will list the places that jeans are appropriate. You will notice that "office" is not on the list.

a) School

b) Going out with your friends to a non-formal dinner

c) Any place that "professional" attire is not required!

3. Hooker-High heels are a NO NO !!!!

An office is not the best place to show off your stripper tendencies. If you have the urge to do so... 
I honestly do not think that shoes with heels higher than 2-3 inches are appropriate. So, girls, before you put on your "work" shoes check those heels!

4. Sandals are for a nice lunch... Flip flops are for the beach

Did you understand that? 
I understand that one can wear sandals depending on the type of sandal it is. If there are no heels on the sandal, it's a "NO GO". If you wear flip flops or sandals (that do not have heels), you WILL look sloppy
You WILL give the customer the impression that you did not think they were important enough to "dress up" for. So, ask yourself a question. Do you want to look sloppy?

5. Your skirt length is also important!

Skirts should not be over 2 inches above the knee. This should be common sense. The office is NOT a club. SO do not dress like it is.
 Here's a test to see if your skirt is too short. Place your hands by your sides and stretch your fingers. If the skirt is shorter than your arm length, GO CHANGE
Here's another test. Bend over. If your ASS is showing, there's a problem. 

Do you have any other ideas? I would love to hear suggestions and other feedback.  


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