Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happiness Continued: June 27- July 3

This week is the week of my trip! So excited that I cannot even focus...This week's list will pertain mostly to my trip! So, here it is...

Monday June 27
Seeing that my friend Manuel is alright

A week ago, I had dinner with my friend Manuel. Two days later, he texts me to say that he broke his arm. I was so worried about him. I have never broken an arm, or anything for that matter, and I wanted to do anything I can to make him better. Spring break came and went without my seeing him. I had dinner with him tonight and seeing him eased my worry. 

Tuesday June 28
"The Girl Who Played with Fire"

This book is engrossing. I don't know if I enjoyed it because i read it on my Kindle or if I enjoyed it because it was such a good book, but I suggest you read it.  I must admit that some parts are quite slow and boring, but the rest of the book makes up for the slow parts!
READ IT! I promise that you won't be sorry. If you are like my boyfriend and you do not enjoy reading, then watch the movie. It won't be as good, but at least you will have an idea what the book is about. 

Wednesday June 29
Rolo McFlurry from McDonalds

If you have been reading my blog, then you know that I love chocolate and I love caramel. What is better? When they are combined! That is what  Rolo is! It is super yummy and McDonald's made it better by making them into a McFlurry!

Thursday June 30
Packing for my trip to see my baby

I tend to pack twice as much as needed when I go to visit my boyfriend. This trip, I actually packed light (relative to myself). I was able to fit everything into one suitcase, a book bag, and one purse. Can you believe it? The thing that I love about packing to see my boyfriend, is the imagination that goes on in my head. While I am packing, I get so excited. I know I am going to see him soon and I cannot help but smile. 
I just start to CHEESE :)

Friday July 1
Seeing baby
Flight to baby
Baby cooking dinner

Today was quite adventurous. I took an amazing trip. It was beautiful. The sky was filled with clouds and I was able to see the landscape change as we flew west. once I landed in Sacramento, I got to see my boyfriend. He looked so handsome and I was so happy that I got to hug and kiss him. Once we arrived at his apartment, he actually made dinner for us. It tasted so yummy. I was quite overwhelmed with the happiness that I was feeling! I do not want today to end!

Saturday July 2
Driving to Tahoe
Jo Koy

We drove to Tahoe today. The drive up was breathtaking and I actually got to "play" in snow! I cannot believe how beautiful it is and I want to move here. I want to see the scenery during the winter when it is actually snowing. I can only imagine how beautiful it will be. 

Let me know go into the second "happiness" of the day. It is Jo Koy. My boyfriend introduced me to Jo Koy a couple of days ago. He suggested I watch it and would not stop bugging me. So, I decided to watch it. I am glad that my boyfriend kept insisting because I thoroughly enjoyed Jo Koy's act. Then, my boyfriend was able to get tickets to his comedy act in Tahoe. It was so funny! You should totally check him out. I promise that you will laugh hysterically. 

Sunday July 3
Going out with my boyfriend

My boyfriend loves to go out dancing. I have never been a fan because I CANNOT dance. Before the trip, I decided that I would go out with my boyfriend and have fun; I promised myself that I would dance and let loose for my boyfriend. He deserves it. He is a wonderful boyfriend and treats me like a princess. the least I can do is dance with him. So, we went out dancing tonight and I had so much fun! I hope I impressed him with my lack of rhythm!



I leave you with this picture of Lake Tahoe. Look how beautiful it is!

Much love,
Lourdes the Lake Tahoe lover!

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