Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happiness Continued: July 4- July 10

Love. Romance. I have been missing it since I came back from Lake Tahoe. I came back from Lake Tahoe on Tuesday and it literally broke my heart. But, here I go. I will list the things that made me happy this week. 

Monday July 4
Fireworks on Lake Tahoe

I have already mentioned my Lake Tahoe trip many times. One of the best parts of the trip were the fireworks. We arrived on the beach, or the sandy Lake Tahoe shore, two or three hours before the actual fireworks. We laid out towels down and watched as others played volleyball. We were able to talk and just admire the beautiful view. And then came the fireworks. To be honest, they were not as capturing as the Disney fireworks, but they were still beautiful. AND they were just as special. i think my boyfriends presence made them special. It felt so good to have him there while I watched the fireworks. Of course, my boyfriend's presence always makes things more special.
Tuesday July 5
Lake Tahoe Scenery

We drove back from lake Tahoe today and I ended up beginning my trek back to Gainesville. The day started off perfectly. We woke up, had breakfast, and then drove back to Folsom. the route we took back to Folsom was different and it seemed more breathtaking. It was just so beautiful and so inspiring. Seeing it made me want to move to the mountains. How cool would that be?

When we finally arrived in Folsom, reality hit. I knew that I would be on a plane back to Gainesville in a few hours and I was dreading it. Why must I go back? Why must I leave my love?Those thoughts kept swirling in my mind. But, my boyfriend always knows what to do to cheer me up. He made me feel so special and so loved. he took me to BJ's for dinner and we had pizza. To top it all off, we ordered a Pizookie. It is so delicious. If you do not know what it is, imagine a warm brownie with vanilla ice cream on top. Top the dessert off with cookies and cream whipped cream. How yummy does that sound? 

Wednesday July 6
My boyfriend's lovey- dovieness

I arrived in Gainesville today and I am so sad. The trip was extremely long and it was quite difficult. I was sad to leave my boyfriend and I was also quite tired. I ended up in the middle aisle and was not able to fall asleep. Once I arrived in Orlando, I felt at a loss. I missed my boyfriend so much and did not know how to raise my mood. My boyfriend's call and his attention throughout the day has risen my spirits. he made me feel so special and helped me to keep in mind that long-distance cannot keep us apart. long-distance has made our relationship stronger and has helped us to get to know each other special. It has strengthened our relationship; not weakened it.     

Thursday July 7
Updating my scrapbook

I got back from my trip yesterday and I was feeling quite low. I decided to look through the pictures that I took and that gave me the urge to print them out and update my scrapbook. I love updating my scrapbook because I get to reminisce while placing the pictures and items. Sometimes, I start to long for the days that are portrayed in the pictures. But, other times, I realize how much my life has changed for the better!

Friday July 8
Turning a wine bottle into a candlestick

I have told this to a couple of my friends and they always question me. I saw my father do this when I was younger and thought it was so cool. Now that I have empty wine bottles I decided to make them candlestick holders. I have already used it once, and it is starting to look cool.

Saturday July 9
Seeing that my friend Darryl is happy

My friend Darryl has been through so much in the past year. He has gone through a break up and had to move out of his apartment. Although he had to go through all of this (and more), he always did it without allowing discouragement. I am so happy to see him with his new girlfriend. Everything seems to be going well for him and he is truly happy. I am glad that he found a girl that was perfect for him. 

Sunday July 10
Learning to do the accents

Today I learned how to type the accents on French letters. I do not know why I think it is so cool, I just know that it amused me for a while and it made me feel so cool. If you want to learn, just let me know!

   Much love,

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