Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happiness Continued: July 11- July 17

Bread feeds the body, indeed, but flowers feed also the soul.
~The Koran

Monday July 11
Sex and the City 2

I got this movie today and I loved it. I have to be honest. It was a little bit of a let down. I felt that the first movie flowed better and the plot line was so much better. But still, the second movie was still so girly and appealed to my girly side. It was still the four girls and their shocking conversations. So, this movie will be my happy thing of the day. 

Tuesday July 12
Henry Cavill

Look at this man. How could he not make me happy? 

Look at that smile.

Look at those eyes.

Oh man, just seeing him in a picture makes me shiver. He is absolutely breathtaking! I remember when I first saw him. It was on the first episode of The Tudors. He was just so cute and so sexy. He is one of few actors that I would actually like to meet!!!

Wednesday July 13
Kangaroo refillable cup

I am so happy to have my Kangaroo cup. I first found out about this great deal a month and a half ago and I was one of the LAST people to find out about this deal. SO, when I finally went to buy a cup they were already sold out. Thank God for Michelle's boyfriend. he bought cups all the way down south. And now, I have a cup!
So, what is this special deal? You pay $7-$8 for this refillable cup and you get free refills of Icees and soda until September. What a deal?!?!

Thursday July 14

Do you watch Cake Boss? I do and I get so addicted to the show. I especially love when they work with fondant. I have been watching for a while and decided that I want to make fondant by myself, with nobodies help. Then, my manager asks me to make fondant for her niece's birthday cake. I made the fondant and it came out great. the only thing I did not expect was the difficulty we would encounter in coating the cake with fondant.  Oh well, the cake came out so cute and fondant was so much fun to work with. 

Friday July 15
Wine and Cheese Gallery with Kirsten

Throughout my blog, I mention The Wine and Cheese Gallery several times. It truly is an amazing place and it became more amazing tonight. I ended up going with my friend Kirsten and the night was memorable. The wine that we picked was so good and the conversation was exactly what the doctor ordered. It feels good to have a friend that I can talk with. Someone who accepts me for me, especially over a glass of wine.

Saturday July 16
X-Mart with a friend

Last night/ this morning, my friend Kirsten and I visited X-Mart. It was so much fun and every time I go in there I am surprised at how normal it is in there. Before, I used to think that it would be dark and scary inside. Now I know the truth and I think this place is super cool. I like how this place motivates me to banish the shame or embarrassment that can come along with sex. Plus, coming in with a friend is fun!

Sunday July 17 
Candice's baby shower

Today we got to celebrate Candice's baby. I had so much fun and I loved seeing her so happy! YAY!

Much love and Happiness


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