Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happiness Continued: July 25- July 31

Busy weeks am I going to keep up with everything? I know! I'll just look up at the sky and it'll remind me that everything will be alright!

Monday July 25
Mila Kunis

So, I kind of have a girl crush on Mila Kunis. 
I said it.
She is gorgeous and I love every show and movie that I have seen her in. I don't really have anything else to say.

Actually, I want to add the following:

If you do not think that she is gorgeous, I think you need to get glasses. 

That is all!

Tuesday July 26
Samwise Gamgee and Peregrin Took

I do not know why I love these two hobbits from the shire, but I liked them from the very first time they appeared in the movie. I think they are just so cute and they tugged at my heart strings. I don't know if it is because they are small. Oh well... All I know is that I like them. 

Wednesday July 27
Frozen Capri Sun
How can you not like Capri Sun? I remember when my mother used to pack it for lunch. She used to keep it in the fridge so that it would still be cold when I got to lunch that day. It was awesome. One day, I decided to eat the Capri Sun while it was still frozen. It is so yummy. It's almost like an icee and ever since then I have "eaten" my Capri Suns. I highly advise that you try it. 

Thursday July 28
Ryan Reynolds

OH. My. God.

Isn't this man HOT? I mean he is gorgeous. When I first saw him in a movie, I thought that he was average. He did not strike me as "handsome". I guess he grew on me because I think he is beautiful. 
(cough...cough... not as beautiful as you baby....cough...cough...)
But I don't like him for his looks. Don't look at me like that. I promise that it is not his looks. I have seen many moves that he is in and I think he is a good actor. 

Friday July 29
The Good Guy

If you are anything like my boyfriend, you are sitting there laughing uncontrollably. You are looking at the picture and the sight of Alexis Bledel is deterring you from watching this movie. Please don't let it. Although I read the reviews left on Netflix, I watched the movie and enjoyed it. 
I really did. 
I ended up loving the characters and I think you will. Especially if you are a girl. So, go pop a bag of popcorn, get comfortable on the couch, and watch this movie. I would like to see what you think. 

Saturday July 30
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

This is another movie that I watched after reading the Netflix reviews. I have to say that I must have bad taste in movies since everyone on Netflix seemed to hate it. I absolutely loved it. It was one of those typical "happy ending" love stories. But WHO CARES! I loved it. 

Sunday July 31
Bright of the Sky

This is a free book on Amazon and it is amazing. I highly advise you to read it if you like scifi-fantasy novels. I am hooked and cannot stop reading it. (THANKS Chris... you got me hooked!). The only complaint that I have is that it gets you hooked on the story and you HAVE to pay for the 3 other books of the series. Well. Ain't that just great!

Now, if you are feeling generous and want to contribute to my obsession with this series you can buy me the remaining books. Look, I am even going to make it easy for you by putting the links right here:

I guess that is the end for the week. Hope I tickled your fancy and created some interest in some of these people and things.

God Bless,

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Look at that...Bootie


Becky, look at those boot's

They are so cute!

I have never owned a pair of boots, let alone a pair of booties. I have been looking for a pair for a while now and I think that I have found some. I think I like the purple and black booties. I can think of a whole bunch of outfits that I can wear them with. 


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Traveling under the stars...

It's that day again. Work has been stressful and I can never find the time to relax. I miss my boyfriend more than ever and I wish that I could just run away from all the stress and just move out there with him. I am tempted all the time, but I know I cannot do it. I am strong and I know I can get through it. What is helping me? These blog posts. They help me to let the world know about my thoughts. 

1) Laying under the stars with my boyfriend


A year or two ago, my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Paynes Prarie. He brought a couple of blankets and we just sat and watched the stars. I want to do this again. I want to watch the stars with my love. But, now I want to sleep under the stars with him. 

2) Be able to point out constellations

Whenever I look up at the stars, I always think about this. Why am I not cool enough to look up and be able to pick out stars? The thing is, I don't even know how to start learning this stuff. Should I read books? Should I look things up on the internet? Take a class? Who knows?

3) Time travel back to the 1500's to see how the Tudor reign really was

You probably know all about my obsession with English history. Thus, you probably are not shocked to hear that I want to travel back to the Tudor era of England. I would love to see how King Henry VIII actually looked. Was he actually the way he was portrayed in the Tudors? I would like to meet Queen Catherine, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Kathryn Howard, and Katherine Parr. 

Hmm... There is so much that I want to find out! I was definitely born in the wrong time!

I hope that you enjoyed reading!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happiness Continued: July 18- July 24

Beautiful orchids... amazing week... always dreaming

Monday July 18
The World According to Paris

I know...I know... You are probably reading this and your opinion of me is simultaneously changing. Yes. I know it is a reality show and I know that the show is edited and staged. BUT, it is still kind of interesting. This show makes her seem like less of a...bitch. It makes her human in my eyes.  

Tuesday July 19
Techno Tuesday

I had never been to Techno Tuesday before today. I was invited by my friend and I decided to go. I had a lot of fun. They played good music and I had fun people watching while I danced. My only complaint was the heat and I can definitely get over that. I want to make Techno Tuesday a regular event in my life. 

Wednesday July 20
Waffle House

Last night, I went to Waffle House for a late night snack. I ended up getting a plate of hash browns. If you consistently read my blog, you know how much I love hash browns. So, you probably are not surprised that Waffle House is part of this list because of the amazing hash browns that they serve. YUMMY!!

Thursday July 21
Forever 21

I have never been one to consume myself with shopping for clothes but this store has inspired me to shop more. I love the clothes that they sell. But I especially love the jewelry. There is so much variety and I just love to shop here!

Friday July 22
Zoey- Kirsten's cat

Cutest cat ever! I am now trying to stop myself from getting a cat. Everyone keeps telling me how easy it is to care for a cat and I am kind of in need of company since my boyfriend is gone. Should I get a cat?

Saturday July 23
Baby -Play with Diego

My friend Diego invited me to watch a play with him. he had to attend the play for a class and he knew that I enjoy UF productions. So, I tagged along and I have to say that this was another production that impressed me. The actors could really sing and although the content of the play was quite serious they managed to make me laugh a few times. I loved it and I had an amazing time. 

Sunday July 24
My new shoes

I went shopping with my friend today and it was so much fun. We ended up going to TJ Maxx and I found these cute shoes. I loved them and just HAD to buy them! 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Victoria's Clearance?

It seems like I get emails from Victoria's Secret every day. I usually leave them unopened and automatically delete them. But sometimes I am curious; especially when I see the words "SALE" or "CLEARANCE". Today was one of those lucky days. I saw the word "SALE" and decided to look at shoes. I know it is sad that I only look at the "sale" shoes. BUT, I have a budget and cannot spend more than $40-$50 on shoes. 

Anyways, I found a couple of pairs of shoes that I wouldn't mind having in my closet. You will start to notice that I tend to like plain and subtle shoes. 

I really like these shoes. they are quite plain, but they are still cute. I love the knot and I love the height of the shoes. I can think of so many outfits that will go with these shoes. 

How about these shoes? They are so cute and I love how they will not weigh down certain dresses. They give off a airy, flirty vibe! I think I would like them in red. But black will be fine too. 

I don't know how I feel about these pumps. I think they would be cute without the cork platform. Still, they are cute. 

Jessica Simpson's pumps are always cute. I do not know how comfortable they will be, but I love the color and I think they are extremely sexy. 

Did you like the shoes? If you did and you want to donate a pair of shoes to my collection, feel free to click on the links under the pictures.

Thank you,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

In middle school, I had to take a "professional development" class. In this class we were taught that one should dress appropriately for a job and that the job description will inform you of the dress code. I am surprised to see that I was taught this (and learned something from it) in the sixth grade, while others are still struggling with this concept. So, for those of you that seem to be struggling, I will create an extremely short list for you. This short list will mainly consist of things that I have witnessed in various workplaces that I have been to.

1. One should NEVER wear tights, leggings, or anything of the       

     Tights and leggings tend to hug your body tightly and should generally not be worn outside of a work out setting or casual setting. Thus, they are not appropriate for work. If we can see every wrinkle on your thighs and derriere there is a problem. This SHOULD be an indication to yourself that you should change. It gives customers the wrong impression. Keep in mind: If you can't even dress for the job, customers will not respect anything that comes out of your mouth. Also, you may think you look sexy, but the workplace is NOT an APPROPRIATE place to show off your sexiness. 

2. Jeans should NEVER be worn into an office setting

Jeans are too casual and do not look professional no matter what industry you are in. To make it easier, I will list the places that jeans are appropriate. You will notice that "office" is not on the list.

a) School

b) Going out with your friends to a non-formal dinner

c) Any place that "professional" attire is not required!

3. Hooker-High heels are a NO NO !!!!

An office is not the best place to show off your stripper tendencies. If you have the urge to do so... 
I honestly do not think that shoes with heels higher than 2-3 inches are appropriate. So, girls, before you put on your "work" shoes check those heels!

4. Sandals are for a nice lunch... Flip flops are for the beach

Did you understand that? 
I understand that one can wear sandals depending on the type of sandal it is. If there are no heels on the sandal, it's a "NO GO". If you wear flip flops or sandals (that do not have heels), you WILL look sloppy
You WILL give the customer the impression that you did not think they were important enough to "dress up" for. So, ask yourself a question. Do you want to look sloppy?

5. Your skirt length is also important!

Skirts should not be over 2 inches above the knee. This should be common sense. The office is NOT a club. SO do not dress like it is.
 Here's a test to see if your skirt is too short. Place your hands by your sides and stretch your fingers. If the skirt is shorter than your arm length, GO CHANGE
Here's another test. Bend over. If your ASS is showing, there's a problem. 

Do you have any other ideas? I would love to hear suggestions and other feedback.  


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happiness Continued: July 11- July 17

Bread feeds the body, indeed, but flowers feed also the soul.
~The Koran

Monday July 11
Sex and the City 2

I got this movie today and I loved it. I have to be honest. It was a little bit of a let down. I felt that the first movie flowed better and the plot line was so much better. But still, the second movie was still so girly and appealed to my girly side. It was still the four girls and their shocking conversations. So, this movie will be my happy thing of the day. 

Tuesday July 12
Henry Cavill

Look at this man. How could he not make me happy? 

Look at that smile.

Look at those eyes.

Oh man, just seeing him in a picture makes me shiver. He is absolutely breathtaking! I remember when I first saw him. It was on the first episode of The Tudors. He was just so cute and so sexy. He is one of few actors that I would actually like to meet!!!

Wednesday July 13
Kangaroo refillable cup

I am so happy to have my Kangaroo cup. I first found out about this great deal a month and a half ago and I was one of the LAST people to find out about this deal. SO, when I finally went to buy a cup they were already sold out. Thank God for Michelle's boyfriend. he bought cups all the way down south. And now, I have a cup!
So, what is this special deal? You pay $7-$8 for this refillable cup and you get free refills of Icees and soda until September. What a deal?!?!

Thursday July 14

Do you watch Cake Boss? I do and I get so addicted to the show. I especially love when they work with fondant. I have been watching for a while and decided that I want to make fondant by myself, with nobodies help. Then, my manager asks me to make fondant for her niece's birthday cake. I made the fondant and it came out great. the only thing I did not expect was the difficulty we would encounter in coating the cake with fondant.  Oh well, the cake came out so cute and fondant was so much fun to work with. 

Friday July 15
Wine and Cheese Gallery with Kirsten

Throughout my blog, I mention The Wine and Cheese Gallery several times. It truly is an amazing place and it became more amazing tonight. I ended up going with my friend Kirsten and the night was memorable. The wine that we picked was so good and the conversation was exactly what the doctor ordered. It feels good to have a friend that I can talk with. Someone who accepts me for me, especially over a glass of wine.

Saturday July 16
X-Mart with a friend

Last night/ this morning, my friend Kirsten and I visited X-Mart. It was so much fun and every time I go in there I am surprised at how normal it is in there. Before, I used to think that it would be dark and scary inside. Now I know the truth and I think this place is super cool. I like how this place motivates me to banish the shame or embarrassment that can come along with sex. Plus, coming in with a friend is fun!

Sunday July 17 
Candice's baby shower

Today we got to celebrate Candice's baby. I had so much fun and I loved seeing her so happy! YAY!

Much love and Happiness


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lady in red...

The color red. It is so beautiful and...dare I say it...


That is why I need a pair of red pumps. A closet is not complete without them. So, I am sad to say that my closet is not complete. For the past year, I have been looking for a fabulous pair of red pumps but have been discouraged. Do you know how much (a good pair of) red pumps are? 


That is why I am here highlighting and daydreaming about them. 

The other day, my friend Chris bought a pair of shoes from I had never heard of this website and decided to check it out. I found the pumps shown below. They are beautiful and seem extremely comfortable. I can only imagine the outfits I could wear them with. The only thing about them that bother me are the prices.

I am going to bed now and am going to dream about dancing the night away in a new pair of red pumps.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dance the days away in Lake Tahoe

Thursday's are always fun. There is only one more day to the work week and rest and relaxation is just over the horizon. Since the weekend is so close, I am choosing to use Thursdays for daydreaming and wishing. So, anything that pops up in my head will pop up in "Thursday's thoughts". They may be random but I bet they will always be amusing! I can assure this because I always think of the random-est things. 

Thursday's Thoughts

Things that I wish I could do

1) The McDonald's Hand Dance with my boyfriend

Ever since the commercial for McDonald's featured the hand dance, I have been obsessed. I thought it would be cute to coordinate with my boyfriend and do the hand dance. He thought it was lame and embarrassing. Oh well. Just because he thinks it is lame does not mean I have to stop wishing.

Maybe one day...

If you have not seen the Hand Dance, click here NOW!

2) Visit Lake Tahoe during the winter

After my trip to Lake Tahoe, I have decided that I HAVE to go during the winter! After seeing Tahoe during the summer, i can only imagine how beautiful it is during the winter. I am making it my mission to see it during the winter with snow falling and I am so excited to see the blankets of snow! I guess I will start the 
"Send Lourdes to Lake Tahoe" fund. 
If you would like to donate, feel free to contact me! It would be greatly appreciated. 

3) Dance the night away with my boyfriend without giving away the fact that I am rhythmically challenged

I just recently came back from an amazing trip with my boyfriend. He took me to Lake Tahoe and I had a wonderful time. We went out a couple of times and I actually danced with him. Dancing with him made me want to make the moments last longer. All I want to do is dance with my love and hide my lack of rhythm. How do you work on that?   

4) Get Beta fish

Aren't they just the CUTEST little things?
I am sure baby will learn to love it!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happiness Continued: July 4- July 10

Love. Romance. I have been missing it since I came back from Lake Tahoe. I came back from Lake Tahoe on Tuesday and it literally broke my heart. But, here I go. I will list the things that made me happy this week. 

Monday July 4
Fireworks on Lake Tahoe

I have already mentioned my Lake Tahoe trip many times. One of the best parts of the trip were the fireworks. We arrived on the beach, or the sandy Lake Tahoe shore, two or three hours before the actual fireworks. We laid out towels down and watched as others played volleyball. We were able to talk and just admire the beautiful view. And then came the fireworks. To be honest, they were not as capturing as the Disney fireworks, but they were still beautiful. AND they were just as special. i think my boyfriends presence made them special. It felt so good to have him there while I watched the fireworks. Of course, my boyfriend's presence always makes things more special.
Tuesday July 5
Lake Tahoe Scenery

We drove back from lake Tahoe today and I ended up beginning my trek back to Gainesville. The day started off perfectly. We woke up, had breakfast, and then drove back to Folsom. the route we took back to Folsom was different and it seemed more breathtaking. It was just so beautiful and so inspiring. Seeing it made me want to move to the mountains. How cool would that be?

When we finally arrived in Folsom, reality hit. I knew that I would be on a plane back to Gainesville in a few hours and I was dreading it. Why must I go back? Why must I leave my love?Those thoughts kept swirling in my mind. But, my boyfriend always knows what to do to cheer me up. He made me feel so special and so loved. he took me to BJ's for dinner and we had pizza. To top it all off, we ordered a Pizookie. It is so delicious. If you do not know what it is, imagine a warm brownie with vanilla ice cream on top. Top the dessert off with cookies and cream whipped cream. How yummy does that sound? 

Wednesday July 6
My boyfriend's lovey- dovieness

I arrived in Gainesville today and I am so sad. The trip was extremely long and it was quite difficult. I was sad to leave my boyfriend and I was also quite tired. I ended up in the middle aisle and was not able to fall asleep. Once I arrived in Orlando, I felt at a loss. I missed my boyfriend so much and did not know how to raise my mood. My boyfriend's call and his attention throughout the day has risen my spirits. he made me feel so special and helped me to keep in mind that long-distance cannot keep us apart. long-distance has made our relationship stronger and has helped us to get to know each other special. It has strengthened our relationship; not weakened it.     

Thursday July 7
Updating my scrapbook

I got back from my trip yesterday and I was feeling quite low. I decided to look through the pictures that I took and that gave me the urge to print them out and update my scrapbook. I love updating my scrapbook because I get to reminisce while placing the pictures and items. Sometimes, I start to long for the days that are portrayed in the pictures. But, other times, I realize how much my life has changed for the better!

Friday July 8
Turning a wine bottle into a candlestick

I have told this to a couple of my friends and they always question me. I saw my father do this when I was younger and thought it was so cool. Now that I have empty wine bottles I decided to make them candlestick holders. I have already used it once, and it is starting to look cool.

Saturday July 9
Seeing that my friend Darryl is happy

My friend Darryl has been through so much in the past year. He has gone through a break up and had to move out of his apartment. Although he had to go through all of this (and more), he always did it without allowing discouragement. I am so happy to see him with his new girlfriend. Everything seems to be going well for him and he is truly happy. I am glad that he found a girl that was perfect for him. 

Sunday July 10
Learning to do the accents

Today I learned how to type the accents on French letters. I do not know why I think it is so cool, I just know that it amused me for a while and it made me feel so cool. If you want to learn, just let me know!

   Much love,