Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happiness Continued: June 6- June 12

Randomness and chaos. That is what my life consists of. I guess that is why my list is so... random and why my life is so much fun! So, here I go... let's jump into the chaos!

Monday  June 6
Mr. Bean's Car

Isn't Mr. bean's car cool? It is so compact and cute. What really intrigues me is the lock. He actually uses a padlock to lock his door. How often do you see that?

Tuesday  June 7

If you know me well, then you know that I am in love with pearls. If you do not know me well, then now you know. they are so elegant and they are sophisticated. I truly believe that every girl should own at LEAST  a string of pearls and a pair of pearl earrings! 

Wednesday  June 8
Finishing the baby blanket for my boyfriend's niece

I have been working hard to finish the baby blanket for my boyfriend's niece. I finally finished it today! All I have to do is add the ribbon! It actually turned out well and I am excited to present it to my boyfriend so he can give it to the family!

Thursday  June 9

I would like to thank my manager, Janet, for introducing me to edamame. It is so yummy and now I am addicted. I love playing with the pod to get the beans out and the bean is such a salty delight! YUMMY! 

Friday  June 10
Drumstick ice cream cones

There are so many reasons why this made my list:
1) I love ice cream. 
2) I love ice cream cones.
3) I love chocolate.

I absolutely love the way the chocolate covers the ice cream. I always eat the chocolate covering and then the ice cream. Once I finish the ice cream I can start to work on the cone. I love how the chocolate lines the cone. It is so delicious!

Saturday June 11
My friend Christopher Flippy

I have written many entries pertaining to this amazing individual, but I never included him on this list. So, this will be that entry. he is an amazing friend and a great person. He is so smart and has always been a fun person to have a conversation with.

Sunday  June 12
Tommy from "Mr. Monk and the Kid"

This episode is heartbreaking. Who would have thought that Mr. monk would come to love a little kid. this episode tugged at my heart strings and made me realize how much I loved Mr. Monk (once again). This episode evokes emotion because I recognize how lonely Mr. Monk is and I know that the relationship and bond he created with Tommy was real. I cried when Mr. Monk made the hard decision to allow Tommy to live with a different foster family  Not only was Tommy important to Mr. Monk, but he was extremely adorable!

That's the end of this entry. I hope you enjoyed!

Much love,

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