Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happiness Continued: June 20- June 26

I cannot wait to hug my boyfriend. I cannot wait to kiss him. The only things that are keeping me going are:
My amazing coworkers
My wonderful friends
The entries on happiness on this list!

Monday June 20
How happy the video game convention made my boyfriend

In previous entries, I have mentioned my boyfriend's obsession with Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom. At first, I thought it was a phase and that it would pass, but I have realized that he really does enjoy the game and that he really takes it seriously. To him, it is not just a game. It is a hobby. Once, I realized this, I decided that i would be more supportive. It makes me happy to see him so dedicated to something. So, when he told me about this tournament/ competition/ convention I decided to stand by him and support him. He was so excited about it and would constantly talk about the preparation for it. I am happy to say that he went, and had an amazing time!

P.S. I obviously did not know what to call the "convention"! :)

Tuesday June 21
Soft peppermint puffs

Have you ever had these? They are like peppermints, but they literally dissolve in your mouth! If you have not tried them, you should buy some. Just do not offer me any, because I will eat the whole bag!

Wednesday June 22
Chris getting another interview

Chris, one of my best friends, has had horrible luck with jobs and school. It seems as if everything he applies for turns him down. He has applied to med school and after several interviews, he was not accepted. He has had several job interviews, and has advanced to tertiary interviews only to be let down in the end. So, he has finally gotten another interview and I am extremely excited for him. I am crossing my fingers and praying for him. Can you please do the same?

Thursday June 23
A week until I see my boyfriend

I cannot believe how fast time flew by. I now have exactly one week until I see my amazing boyfriend. I am so excited! I cannot even believe that I am going to see him so soon. All I know is that this week cannot go by fast enough.

Friday June 24
Dinner with Kirsten

I had such an amazing time tonight. I went to The Top to have dinner with Kirsten. It was so yummy and I loved the conversations we had. It was such a delightful night, and the dinner made reminded me (again) of how lucky I am to have such delightful people working with me. 

Saturday June 25
Gummy Bear video

My friend Chris posted this video and it made me laugh so hard. Just watch it. It is hilarious!

Sunday June 26
LaChua Trail with Diego

I have the day off and decided that I was not going to waste it. Thus, I invited my friend Diego to go to LaChua Trail with me. We saw so many cool things. Snakes. Turtles. Birds. AND lots of icky bugs. All in all, It was a great trip with a great friend. 

Take all my anxiousness with you,


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