Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happiness Continued: May 9- May 15

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

-George Bernard Shaw

In my last "365" post, I stated that I would continue this goal. When I realized how much this list has helped me, I decided that there is no reason to stop updating this list. When I started this list, I had this idea that it would help me to find myself. But, I think it allowed me to do more than that. it allowed me to truly understand who I was. With this understanding, I was able to help shape myself into the person I am today.

This list has brought me so much clarity and because of this, I will continue with it. So, here I go...

Monday May 9
Baby driving through

Baby has been gone for a week and I miss him so much. I have been looking forward to this moment for a week. This sounds like such a short time, but it is enough time for me to miss my amazing boyfriend Seeing him lit up my day and made me feel so good! The only thing is...How am i going to make through the next 6 months?

Tuesday May 10
Summer dinner rotation with the girls

Abigail, Michelle, and I decided to do dinner rotations. Basically, we each would choose one night a week and cook on that night. I love it. tonight was the first night and Michelle cooked. It was so yummy. What surprised me the mos was how good vegetarian food actually is! Yummers.

Wednesday May 11
"After you've gone"

I absolutely love this show and find myself waking up early on Sunday mornings to catch this show on PBS. I usually do not like British comedies, but this one is actually funny and I enjoy it! I suggest that you watch one episode and see how you like it!

Thursday May 12
Sun-dried tomato sauce

So, it's another cooking night with the girls and Michelle made pasta and for dessert she made brownies with raspberries and ice cream. Can you say "Heaven"?

Friday May 13
Sims 3-PS3

It's the day before my birthday an I decided to buy myself a birthday present. I have been trying to talk myself out of buying this game BUT I gave in to the urge and bought it. I have always addicted to The Sims and am totally excited to start playing. 

Saturday May 14
My 23rd birthday
Birthday dinner

It's my birthday today and I feel extremely old! I am 23 years old. Can you believe it? How can I be 23 already? I still feel like I am a teenager. Oh well, I still feel special. I ended up having a dinner with my coworkers and it was amazing.  

Sunday May 15
Books of Adam blog

I have been reading this blog for a year now and have always enjoyed it. It is so comical and random. I think that you should click on the link and start reading this blog. AMAZING!

Hope you enjoyed!

Much love,

PS  Sorry this was posted so late!

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