Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happiness Continued: May 23- May 29

A great figure or physique is nice, but it's self-confidence that makes someone really sexy.
~Vivica A. Fox 

I absolutely love pin-up girl posters (at least the classy ones) and I think the quote fit in perfectly! A few of the things on the list tie in with the "sexy" quote. I believe that feeling "sexy" helps you be happy! It's a great feeling! So... Here I go!

Monday May 23
Desperate Housewives Seduction scene

If you have been keeping up with my blog entries, you already know that I love Desperate Housewives. Each episode makes me laugh hysterically, cry, and shocks me all at the same time. One of my favorite clips is this one. Bree tries to give a lap dance to her husband. It is hilarious and reminds me of myself.

Tuesday May 24
Frederick's of Hollywood and Victoria's Secret online sale

I have always liked shopping. It does not matter what I am shopping for. I do not discriminate. BUT one of my favorite things to buy is underwear and lingerie and my favorite time to buy these things is during sales. 

Wednesday May 25
Shopping with Kayla  (perfect wedding dress)

I am driving down to Miami tomorrow to visit my sister and attend a wedding. My boyfriend's good friend is getting married and he is so excited. I am excited to see him. The one thing I was worried about was finding a dress for the wedding. Thank God for my friend Kayla. She helped me find a beautiful dress and now I am more excited to go to this wedding!

Thursday May 26
Surprise dinner in Weston with Diego

I drove down from Gainesville today and ended up stopping in Weston for a few hours to visit my awesome friend, Diego. It was amazing. I love talking with him and this visit made me realize how much I missed him!

Friday May 27
Spending time with Christina/ Seeing Christina at work

I spend time with my sister today and it was awesome! I love seeing her apartment and hanging out with her. It was cool "experiencing" her daily routine!

Saturday May 28
Froyo with my sister

You are probably aware that I love frozen yogurt. What can be better than frozen yogurt? 
We walked from her apartment to the yogurt shop and we even witnessed an accident. Exciting things always happen when I hang out with my sister! I love it!

Sunday May 29
Wedding/ Dancing with Colon

So, The wedding finally took place. It was a beautiful wedding and I had so much fun. What I really liked was spending time with my boyfriend. I was able to scrounge up enough courage to dance and have fun. It was amazing!

Hope you enjoyed! 


PS... Sorry for taking so long to finally publish this entry

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