Sunday, April 3, 2011

365 Days of Happiness: March 28 -April 3

"Pretty soon it darkened up, and begun to thunder and lighten; so the birds was right about it. Directly it begun to rain, and it rained like all fury, too, and I never see the wind blow so. It was one of these regular summer storms. It would get so dark that it looked all blue-black outside, and lovely; and the rain would thrash along by so thick that the trees off a little ways looked dim and spider-webby; and here would come a blast of wind that would bend the trees down and turn up the pale under-side of the leaves; and then a perfect ripper of a gust would follow along and set the branches to tossing their arms as if they was just wild; and next, when it was justabout the bluest and blackest--fst! it was as bright as glory, and you'd have a little glimpse of tree-tops a-plunging about away off yonder in the storm, hundreds of yards further than you could see before; dark as sin again in a second, and now you'd hear the thunder let go with an awful crash, and then go rumbling, grumbling, tumbling, down the sky towards the under side of the world, like rolling empty barrels down stairs--where it's long stairs and they bounce a good deal, you know".

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

I love spring and summer showers. They are so soothing and relaxing. We have been experiencing thunderstorms and rough weather lately and it has been amazing. Thus, I start this list with a glass of wine and a sense of relaxation. 

Monday March 28
My decision to continue with my Mathematics degree

I was really doubting myself. I still enjoy math and still get a sense of satisfaction every time I prove something. The thing is that the last few months have been hard for me. This made me extremely nervous for my interview with the head graduate mathematics advisor. I was dreading it. I did not want to tell him that I was seriously considering another route. But, I ended up staying in Mathematics. The interview was helpful and made me realize how much I love mathematics. Hooray for Dr. Robinson!!!!!!

Tuesday March 29
Little Boxes

Have you ever seen the show Weeds? I just started watching it and love it. One of the things I love is the opening song, "Little Boxes". It is just so catchy and I love the lyrics. It says so much about our culture and society. I have provided a video consisting of a rendition of the song. You could also listen to the song at the following link: Little boxes

Wednesday March 30
Lady Chatterley's Lover

I had read this book 2 or 3 times before and have recently picked it up to reread it. I find that the more you read this book, the more you pick up on the subtleties of the book. I suggest you read it. You will definitely be seeing quotes and ideas that stem from this book in the "All about sex" portion of my blog. If you have not read it, I suggest that you pick it up and start reading. 

Thursday March 31
My boyfriend's brother having a daughter

It is weird to think of people my age having kids, let alone people younger than me having kids. I guess it stems from knowing that I am not ready to have kids. How can someone that is younger than me be ready? Well, I am finding that there are many people (younger than I am) that are expecting. This is where my boyfriends brother comes into the picture. He is expecting a girl and I am just so happy for him. I just love how happy my boyfriend is. He seems so excited to be an uncle and his excitement has rubbed off on me!

Friday April 1
The new apartment couch

We have been thinking about replacing the couch we have and have finally bought a new futon. They just delivered it today and it is so comfortable and I am extremely happy with the purchase. 

Saturday April 2
The new TV stand

For the past couple of months, we have been working on improving our apartment. Yesterday we received our new futon and today we received our new TV stand. Not only is it beautiful, but it gave me the chance to prove that I can help put together furniture. 

Sunday April 3
The way my boyfriend looks in his underwear

I do not know what it is about my boyfriend sans clothing, but I love it when he is only wearing underwear. It is just... awesome!!!! 

I know this week's entry was random, but isn't life random?

I hope you enjoyed!

Little Boxes

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