Sunday, April 17, 2011

365 Days of Happiness: April 11- April 17

After looking over the list for the week, I realized that most of the entries for this week are food or food related. So, I am going to tweak a quote: 

 The way to Lourdes' heart is through her stomach.

Clever huh?

So here I go with the food-filled list...

Monday April 11
Oven baked chicken

Ever since my boyfriend has been back in Gainesville, he has been cooking all of the elaborate dinners. I actually had time today to cook a yummy dinner, and decided to slowly bake chicken legs. They were in the oven for 4 hours and were delicious. 

Tuesday April 12
90% on my PDE Exam

Last Friday, I had 2 exams scheduled and was scrambling the day before. I always seem to procrastinate and it seems to bite me in the butt. This time, I studied for my Differential equations exams and left the PDE Exam to chance. We got our grades back today and I actually did well on the PDE exam. This is extremely lucky, but I will never leave exams to luck again. I had so much anxiety because of these exams!

Wednesday April 13
Sonny's Cornbread

My boyfriend does not like cornbread, and this always shocks me when he reminds me of it. I have always liked cornbread and always order it at Sonny's. Sonny's has the best cornbread. It is so moist and so delicious.

Thursday April 14
1 month until my 23rd birthday

I cannot believe that 23 years of my life are almost complete or even that eleven months have  basically passed since my 22nd birthday. i feel as if I am not mature enough to be 23. But I am excited. I have always liked birthdays. They are special days and it is the one day where I can be the center of attention.

Friday April 15
Boba tea

I remember the first time I had Boba Tea. My mother, sisters, and I decided to visit family in California . My cousins took us to a Tea shop and asked for tapioca pearls. That was the day that I fell in love with Boba Tea. You can imagine my excitement when I went to Bento for the first time and saw that they had Boba Tea. AMAZING!

Saturday April 16
Spicy Mayo Sauce

Whenever I go to Bento, I get the Spicy Tuna roll or the Red Dragon. Both rolls go well with Spicy Mayo Sauce, and I always end up ordering extra sauce. It is just so yummy.

Sunday April 17
Red bean filled rice cake

I went to the Asian Market and found that they had rice cake filled with red bean.I have always like red bean and these rice cakes remind me of when I was younger. They are just so sweet and yummy! 

I hope you enjoyed. You should definitely try all of the food that I mentioned in this list. Enjoy!


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