Sunday, April 24, 2011

365 Days of Happiness: April 18-April 24

"Every man who reads has it in his power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exists, to make his life full, significant and interesting"
~~Aldous Huxley

If you have been keeping up with my blog, you know that I love to read. Reading allows me to get lost in another world. It allows me to escape and experience things without ACTUALLY dealing with them. Reading  is associated with the most exciting part of this list. Can you guess what it is? If you can't, keep reading!

Monday April 18
Scott Pilgrim

When my boyfriend first mentioned this movie, I expected something serious. And then, I watched the movie. At first I was trying to figure it out, but I ended up loving it. Some of the things in the movie are outrageous and crazy, but I am sure that you will enjoy it. I did. 

Tuesday April 19
Last day of school

The last day of school for UF is tomorrow, but all my classes were cancelled for tomorrow. That means yesterday was my last day of school. I did not realize it until this morning and it made my day. School was quite stressful this year and this summer sans classes is much needed. So, here's to a no-class (as in school) summer.  

Wednesday April 20
New printer

My mother bought me a printer when I came to UF. That was four years ago. It was a cheap printer and I am surprised it worked for as long as it did. It worked for four years, and died at the beginning of last summer. For some reason, I never bought another one. I actually survived last semester and this semester without one, until today. I had a project due and ended up buying another one. I am in love with my printer. It is so cool and it even has a wireless connection: meaning that I can print without my computer hooked up to the printer. AMAZING! 

Thursday April 21
Last Dundie song

You probably are aware that I am obsessed with the office. I have seen every episode and can re-watch episodes without getting bored. So, you may be aware that Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is leaving the show. Today's episode consisted of Michael Scott's last Dundie Awards. This episode was hard for me to watch especially when they started singing this song. Listen to it and let me know what you think!

Friday  April 22
Colon's face when I got Scott Pilgrim

I absolutely love getting gifts for my boyfriend. After watching "Scott Pilgrim" my boyfriend kept stating that he wanted the movie. So, today after work, I drove to Best buy and bought the Blu-Ray for him. When I handed the movie to him, he smiled and looked so cute. It was adorable!

Saturday  April 23

For the past month, I have been dropping subtle hints about my "need" for an Amazon Kindle. Ok, I guess I should be honest. They weren't subtle hints. I blatantly stated (practically everyday) that I wanted a Kindle. I guess I got the message across because my wonderful boyfriend bought one for me. I have been spending the last three hours downloading books to read. so exciting. Maybe Chris and I could start a book club?

Sunday  April 24

Easter egg hunts

Easter Candy

Christ is risen

Family time


I love Easter for so many reasons. Even if you aren't religious, you have to love Easter for the candy!

This is the end of my list of the week. Enjoy and Happy Easter!

Much love,

Sunday, April 17, 2011

365 Days of Happiness: April 11- April 17

After looking over the list for the week, I realized that most of the entries for this week are food or food related. So, I am going to tweak a quote: 

 The way to Lourdes' heart is through her stomach.

Clever huh?

So here I go with the food-filled list...

Monday April 11
Oven baked chicken

Ever since my boyfriend has been back in Gainesville, he has been cooking all of the elaborate dinners. I actually had time today to cook a yummy dinner, and decided to slowly bake chicken legs. They were in the oven for 4 hours and were delicious. 

Tuesday April 12
90% on my PDE Exam

Last Friday, I had 2 exams scheduled and was scrambling the day before. I always seem to procrastinate and it seems to bite me in the butt. This time, I studied for my Differential equations exams and left the PDE Exam to chance. We got our grades back today and I actually did well on the PDE exam. This is extremely lucky, but I will never leave exams to luck again. I had so much anxiety because of these exams!

Wednesday April 13
Sonny's Cornbread

My boyfriend does not like cornbread, and this always shocks me when he reminds me of it. I have always liked cornbread and always order it at Sonny's. Sonny's has the best cornbread. It is so moist and so delicious.

Thursday April 14
1 month until my 23rd birthday

I cannot believe that 23 years of my life are almost complete or even that eleven months have  basically passed since my 22nd birthday. i feel as if I am not mature enough to be 23. But I am excited. I have always liked birthdays. They are special days and it is the one day where I can be the center of attention.

Friday April 15
Boba tea

I remember the first time I had Boba Tea. My mother, sisters, and I decided to visit family in California . My cousins took us to a Tea shop and asked for tapioca pearls. That was the day that I fell in love with Boba Tea. You can imagine my excitement when I went to Bento for the first time and saw that they had Boba Tea. AMAZING!

Saturday April 16
Spicy Mayo Sauce

Whenever I go to Bento, I get the Spicy Tuna roll or the Red Dragon. Both rolls go well with Spicy Mayo Sauce, and I always end up ordering extra sauce. It is just so yummy.

Sunday April 17
Red bean filled rice cake

I went to the Asian Market and found that they had rice cake filled with red bean.I have always like red bean and these rice cakes remind me of when I was younger. They are just so sweet and yummy! 

I hope you enjoyed. You should definitely try all of the food that I mentioned in this list. Enjoy!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

365 Days of Happiness: April 4-April 10

"Summer is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet."
~Bob Marley

Classes are ending soon and exam season is about to start. With that, summer is starting to approach. the sun is out and the only relief from the heat is jumping into the pool. These days, it seems as if I cannot get swimming out of my mind. At work I can see everyone laying by the pool and I long to be there instead of in the office. During this time of longing, I tried to find something happy for my list... so here it goes for the week. 

Monday April 4

I had heard about this show from several people and was curious as to what the show was about. I, of course, knew that the show was about weed. But how did a housewife become involved with dealing drugs? 
I am glad that I was curious because I became addicted to the show. If you have not seen this show, I hope that you became curious. Watch it!!!!!

Tuesday April 5

I have always had an obsession with dresses. During the summer, I feel that sun-dresses are the way to go. They are just so flattering and feminine.  

Wednesday April 6
'You raise me up" by Josh Groban

The other day, when I was driving to pick my boyfriend up, this song came on. I do not know what it is about this song, but it always makes me cry and always makes me think about those in my life (especially God) that has helped me through hard times. 

If you have never heard it? I have linked it here. Enjoy!

Thursday April 7 / Friday April 8
Gaby and her boyfriend /Night out with Gaby

I met this girl, Gaby, a while back at a camping trip, and never really got to know her. I recently started talking to her more and realized that I really liked her. She was super cool and was easy to talk to. Thus, when she asked me to go out with her last night, I could not say no. I wanted to get to know her better and knew I would have fun with her. 

I ended up meeting her boyfriend, whom I heard so much about, and I instantly fell in love with their relationship.  They are so cute together and I knew that they had become my "happy" thing of the day. 

Saturday April 9
Blanket for my boyfriend's niece

It shocked me when my boyfriend came home and announced to me that his younger brother was going to have a baby girl. Once that shock went away, I decided that I would knit a blanket for my boyfriend's niece. this blanket gives me a chance to give something personal to someone so special in my boyfriend's life. 

Sunday April 10
Eating my boyfriend's Oreos

How can someone hate oreo's? I am someone that has to crave oreo's before I eat them. I always seem to crave them when my boyfriend buys them and they are lying around the house. Go figure!

Well, that is the end of my list of the week. 

I will leave with a smile



Friday, April 8, 2011

Forgive and forget?

"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."

Mahatma Gandhi

Throughout my childhood, my mother would always tell me to forgive those that hurt me. Forgiveness is something that I do very easily. I can forgive someone that hurt me, but I can never really forget any situation. I truly do believe in the saying:

"Forgive but do not forget"

 I think it is extremely important to forgive people. I do not see the point in holding a grudge against others. That just allows hatred and bad feelings to culminate in your mind and it effects your life. SO, I thoroughly believe in forgiveness. 

But, what about if your significant other cheats on you? Do you forgive them? My friend asked me this one night. She had a rough time with her ex-boyfriend and this question kept stumbling through her mind. I never know what to say when people ask me questions like that. I do not want to influence them with my beliefs, but at the same time they asked. So, I just told her what I would do and what I believe. 

If someone cheats on you, they obviously do not respect you. I honestly do not care if they were drunk or if they were under the influence of some kind of chemical. If they cheat, that is a sign that they do not care for you enough to give you the respect that you deserve. With that said, I think that forgiveness is necessary. One should not trouble themselves with hatred towards someone so worthless and someone so disrespectful. It is easy to forgive. It is hard to forget. Once something like that happens, you never forget. You lose trust. I know that I tend to forgive, and will always offer myself as a person. I will always be there , but my trust will be lost. It has to be earned back. So yes, you can forgive, but if you are like me, trust is the most important part. 

SO, forgiveness does not always mean the relationship goes back to the way it was. Cheating changes things. 

With that, I end this entry. I would love feedback on this, since conversations with friends have shown me that there are so many views on this subject. 

Your forgiving friend,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Star-crossed lovers

"Distance is not for the fearful, it is for the bold. It's for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It's for those knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they don't see it nearly enough..."
~Author unknown

It's that time of year again. School is about to end and people are going their separate ways. Some are going to be back to school in a few months, but some are moving away and attending other establishments or are going off to work. This time of year is hard for some people, especially for those that are in relationships. Whether a relationship is new or whether it has a few years under its belt, long distance is hard.

A conversation with a friend made me realize how close it is until my boyfriend leaves for his internship. But this did not concern me. What concerned me was how worried my friend was about her boyfriend leaving for law school. She was (and still is) extremely worried and asked me for advice. I honestly had no idea what to tell her. All I could do was tell her about my relationship and about how the long-distance portion of it has strengthened it.

That conversation sparked a couple of questions and thoughts. Why are we so scared of long-distance in our relationships? What is it that we are afraid of?

I don't necessarily have the answers to these questions, but looking at my relationship has helped me to understand why we feel the way we do.
My boyfriend and I started dating 3 years and 11 months ago. About a year after we started dating, he went on a 6 month internship. Since then, he has gone on one more and is about to go on another one in a month or two. That first internship was really hard for me. I honestly think that it was hard because I was so insecure. I knew that he loved me, BUT there were so many things that were flowing through my head.

What if he met someone else and started to like them?

What if he went away and forgot about me?

 All of these questions went through my head and it was very foolish of me. I should not have been so worried. Granted, it is natural to think these thoughts, but it worked out in the end. The long-distance made our relationship stronger. We spoke more and ended up learning more about each other through the conversations that we were having.

That is why I am not so concerned with my boyfriend going off on another internship. I know we will be ok, just as long as we both put effort into the relationship.

People need to realize that there are a few things that are neceassary for ALL relationships to work.

1) All relationships take effort.

2) All relationships NEED TRUST!!!!!

It takes more effort for a long-distance one. So, whether or not a relationship is going to work depends on the people involved. If those that are involved are willing to work hard, then the relationship has a better chance of working.

Trust is crucial in long-distance relationships and the lack of trust in a relationship may as well be the death of it.

So, to my friend (You know who you are!) and to those that are worried about their relationships going long-distance, I want to let you know that it may be hard. But just as long as you have trust and put effort into keeping your relationship strong, you will be fine!




Sunday, April 3, 2011

365 Days of Happiness: March 28 -April 3

"Pretty soon it darkened up, and begun to thunder and lighten; so the birds was right about it. Directly it begun to rain, and it rained like all fury, too, and I never see the wind blow so. It was one of these regular summer storms. It would get so dark that it looked all blue-black outside, and lovely; and the rain would thrash along by so thick that the trees off a little ways looked dim and spider-webby; and here would come a blast of wind that would bend the trees down and turn up the pale under-side of the leaves; and then a perfect ripper of a gust would follow along and set the branches to tossing their arms as if they was just wild; and next, when it was justabout the bluest and blackest--fst! it was as bright as glory, and you'd have a little glimpse of tree-tops a-plunging about away off yonder in the storm, hundreds of yards further than you could see before; dark as sin again in a second, and now you'd hear the thunder let go with an awful crash, and then go rumbling, grumbling, tumbling, down the sky towards the under side of the world, like rolling empty barrels down stairs--where it's long stairs and they bounce a good deal, you know".

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

I love spring and summer showers. They are so soothing and relaxing. We have been experiencing thunderstorms and rough weather lately and it has been amazing. Thus, I start this list with a glass of wine and a sense of relaxation. 

Monday March 28
My decision to continue with my Mathematics degree

I was really doubting myself. I still enjoy math and still get a sense of satisfaction every time I prove something. The thing is that the last few months have been hard for me. This made me extremely nervous for my interview with the head graduate mathematics advisor. I was dreading it. I did not want to tell him that I was seriously considering another route. But, I ended up staying in Mathematics. The interview was helpful and made me realize how much I love mathematics. Hooray for Dr. Robinson!!!!!!

Tuesday March 29
Little Boxes

Have you ever seen the show Weeds? I just started watching it and love it. One of the things I love is the opening song, "Little Boxes". It is just so catchy and I love the lyrics. It says so much about our culture and society. I have provided a video consisting of a rendition of the song. You could also listen to the song at the following link: Little boxes

Wednesday March 30
Lady Chatterley's Lover

I had read this book 2 or 3 times before and have recently picked it up to reread it. I find that the more you read this book, the more you pick up on the subtleties of the book. I suggest you read it. You will definitely be seeing quotes and ideas that stem from this book in the "All about sex" portion of my blog. If you have not read it, I suggest that you pick it up and start reading. 

Thursday March 31
My boyfriend's brother having a daughter

It is weird to think of people my age having kids, let alone people younger than me having kids. I guess it stems from knowing that I am not ready to have kids. How can someone that is younger than me be ready? Well, I am finding that there are many people (younger than I am) that are expecting. This is where my boyfriends brother comes into the picture. He is expecting a girl and I am just so happy for him. I just love how happy my boyfriend is. He seems so excited to be an uncle and his excitement has rubbed off on me!

Friday April 1
The new apartment couch

We have been thinking about replacing the couch we have and have finally bought a new futon. They just delivered it today and it is so comfortable and I am extremely happy with the purchase. 

Saturday April 2
The new TV stand

For the past couple of months, we have been working on improving our apartment. Yesterday we received our new futon and today we received our new TV stand. Not only is it beautiful, but it gave me the chance to prove that I can help put together furniture. 

Sunday April 3
The way my boyfriend looks in his underwear

I do not know what it is about my boyfriend sans clothing, but I love it when he is only wearing underwear. It is just... awesome!!!! 

I know this week's entry was random, but isn't life random?

I hope you enjoyed!

Little Boxes