Sunday, March 27, 2011

365 Days of Happiness March 21- March 27

Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair... 
 ~Susan Polis Shutz

I love flowers. It's March and all of the flowers are starting to bloom. They are a reminder that spring is around the corner. I am so excited and I will ride on this wave of excitement and continue with my list of happiness. 

Monday March 21

I have seen episodes plenty of times, but it was not until I started dating my boyfriend that I began to appreciate this show. The jokes are so funny, and I love the way my boyfriend laughs when he is watching the show. Maybe that is why I love the show. 

Tuesday March 22
Eat Pray Love

I love this movie. 
1) It has Julia Roberts in it. She is one of my favorite actors and I think she is amazing.
2) The food in the movie makes me so hungry and awakens my need to travel.
3) The movie addresses restlessness; restlessness in life and restlessness in oneself; restlessness in relationships.

I definitely suggest that you watch the movie.

Wednesday March 23
Candice's Pregnancy

My manager recently announced that she was pregnant. What an amazing thing. I am so happy for her and am so excited for her. 

Thursday March 24
Michael's proposal to Holly

You probably already know how much I love The Office. I have seen every  episode and own the first 4 seasons on DVD. Throughout the seasons, Michael has jumped from girl to girl. None of them seemed right for him except for one: Holly Flax. I have cried and have been frustrated with their relationship. This episode has made me so happy. Michael and Holly are engaged. 
This is amazing! 
The one bad thing is that they are moving. This means that this is how Michael Scott will be leaving the show and now a replacement will be coming in.

Friday March 25
Betty and Veronica/ Archie comics

I have been reading Archie comics since I was little. I can still remember buying my first Archie comic. i begged my mother to buy it and she gave in. Ever since then, the weekly trip to the grocery store was something to look forward to. My mom knew that I was hooked and I even offered to trade my weekly snacks from the grocery store for an Archie comic. i do not know why I love them. I just do. maybe it is the complicated relationship among Betty, Archie, and Veronica. Maybe it is the lovable Jughead. I really do not know. I just loved them. 

The one thing I know is that I preferred Betty over Veronica. 

Saturday March 26
Tostitos Creamy Spinach Dip

It may seem weird that I have this on my list of happiness, but I do not care. My boyfriend and I were going through the grocery store trying to choose snacks for the week. We decided to just get chips. So, he chose Ruffles and I chose Tostitos. I decided to try a dip this time. I chose the Creamy Spinach Dip and after the first bite I became hooked. This dip is a "must try".

Sunday March 27
Playstation 3

I cannot believe that I am putting this on my list. It seems quite materialistic. Doesn't it? 

I am putting this on my list because we bought a new PS3 last night and we got to try out the new games that came with the PS3 bundle. It was so much fun!

I guess that I am done with the list today. Try to put a flower in your hair and dance in the sun. Enjoy yourself.  Then go and try the Creamy Spinach Dip with the Tostitos chips and play games on a Playstation 3. I bet you will have fun!



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