Sunday, March 20, 2011

365 Days of Happiness March 14- March 20

I am starting to love wine more as the days go by. I am so glad that my boyfriend took me to vineyards in California and has furthered my experience with wine. So, I sit here with my glass of wine and progress into this week's list of happiness.

Monday March 14
Driving around Miami Beach

I remember driving around Miami beach with my parents and sister when I was younger. I was always in awe of the buildings and the people that were walking around. The people were just so interesting and different. All of the women were just so confident. I think that is why I came to love Miami Beach. I always thought that when I got older, I could go to Miami Beach and that confidence would infuse into my body.

I still have that awe when I go to Miami Beach and am so surprised that I feel no shame when I am there. I absolutely love being in my bathing suit and I am not embarrassed to walk around in just that. This makes me happy. I guess that means that the confidence has infused into my body!

Tuesday March 15

I do not know what it is about Chipotle, but I have fallen hard. I love it and I actually have cravings.

Wednesday March 16
Turtle figurine that my boyfriend's mother gave me

If you have kept tabs on my blog, you know that turtles are my favorite animals. When I was at my boyfriends house, I mistakenly mentioned that I loved the turtle figurines that his mother had. She is so kind and she offered me the turtle figurine. I did not intend for her to give me the figurine. I only wanted to convey that I enjoyed the figurines. I am just extremely happy that i have the figurine! SO CUTE!

Thursday March 17
Mardi Gras masks

I bought 2 Mardi Gras masks when I was in New Orleans. Both were bright and colorful. I think this is why I love them so much. The colors just brighten your mood. I am tempted to find a way to use them as decoration in my apartment so that I could look at them everyday. 

Friday March 18
The Wine and Cheese Gallery

I just want to say thank you to my friends Liz, Chris, and Lauren for showing me this amazing place. They have such a selection of wine and have amazing cheese platters. I love the ambiance of the restaurant. You should definitely go some time. I promise that you will love it.

Saturday March 19
Spring Cleaning

I had the urge to clean out my closet and get rid of  junk. I definitely did that and feel so relieved and slightly de-cluttered. It is a great feeling.

Sunday March 20
Lake Alice/ stroll through campus with my boyfriend

Oh, how i love the walks that I take with my boyfriend. This one was extremely special because we walked around Lake Alice. I was actually able to get close to an alligator and took several pictures. I love the conversations we have during our walks. They make life seem so perfect!

I know I always say this, but I hope you enjoyed this week's list.


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