Friday, March 25, 2011

Can men REALLY understand women?

Can men really "understand" women?

This is a question that my boyfriend and I have had thousands of conversations on. Yet, we can never come to a conclusion. My boyfriend tends to believe that he knows exactly what a women is thinking during a given situation. I have to admit that he is quite perceptive and can gauge the thoughts of many women, but he has developed an ego.

I am writing this entry because of a certain conversation that my boyfriend and I had a couple of weeks ago. We were sitting in my car at a stop light having a random conversation and suddenly the conversation turns. My boyfriends seems to think that females tend to go for men that are in relationships. He believes that a woman will not be attracted to a man when he is single, but when he is in a relationship that same women would all of a sudden be attracted to him.

I don't necessarily disagree with him. I do think this is the case, but our reasonings for this phenomena are quite different.

His reasoning:
My boyfriend believes that this phenomena occurs because of some kind of pheromone/ hormone/ chemical reaction. He seems to think that this occurs sub consciously.

My reasoning:
I believe that it occurs because the woman is longing for something that she does not have. Women tend to crave attention and the acts of love from a man. When a man is in a relationship, he is showing that he is capable of giving this attention; he is capable of emotions. A woman picks up on this and sees this. What she really wants is the attention that this man gives to his significant other. She sees that he is capable of this and thus wants it for herself. I do not believe that every woman acts out on purpose. She may not know the reason for the attraction. it's sub conscious. Does this make sense?

I may not be right, but I do want feedback. So I end with this questions:

Why do women go for men in relationships?

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  1. Hi Lourdes!
    Strange, I came across this right after having a conversation about pretty much the same topic. I posted an article on fb about this study that showed that women are more attracted to men who don't seem that attracted to them. Like if you don't know whether or not a guy likes you, you might be more interested in him basically.
    And then my friend explained this to me:
    Basically, evolutionarily, women would want to mate with men who can bear more children, and so if a guy gets around a lot, he's more likely to have more children, so your genes will be passed on more if you mate with him. Thus it makes sense evolutionarily why a woman would be attracted to a guy with a girlfriend, because it means that he is desirable to the opposite sex and will have more babies and thus be more fit (in the genetic sense) as a parent. Does that sort of make sense?



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