Sunday, February 27, 2011

365 Days of Happiness February 21- February 27

Have I ever told you about my love of clouds? I am sure I have at one time or another. But, let me stop myself before I go off on some random tangent. It took me forever to finally post this part of the list because school and work were taking up all my time. It seems that my professors decided to pack everything into the next two weeks because spring break is slowly approaching. So, here I go...

Monday February 21
Alex getting promoted

The assistant manager of the property that I work with got promoted to community manager of another property. I am extremely happy for her because this is an amazing opportunity for her. Yet, it makes me sad. She was the person who hired me and trained me to be the leasing specialist I am today. It will be weird to sit across from "her" desk and not see her sitting there. Oh well. I am so happy for her and wish her well with all of her future endeavors. 

Tuesday February 22
My boyfriends expression when he got the MVC3 controller

How many times have I mentioned my boyfriend and his fighting games? He is totally in love with Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom. The love he has for these games has motivated him to buy joystick-controllers. When he received the MVC3 joystick his face was priceless. He was so cute and the smile he had on his face was contagious. 

Wednesday February 23
Making posters for work

Part of my job is to sell the complex to people and motivate them to sign a lease at the complex. What I really enjoy is making posters and flyers for GP. What do we do with these flyers? We raid campus and fill all of the bulletin boards with GP flyers and posters. SO MUCH FUN and such a great opportunity to get to know my coworkers. 

Thursday February 24
Roaming through Michaels

By now, you should know that I love art projects. Michaels is the best place to buy the art supplies for my art projects. Every time I visit Michaels, I end up spending more money then planned. I always get diverted from my goal.

Friday February 25
Dudley cross stitch

Dudley is a character from Street Fighter and my boyfriend seems to favor him. Thus, I decided to create a cross stitch of Dudley for my boyfriend. It is super cool and i cannot wait until my boyfriend sees the final product.

Saturday February 26
Curly Fries

 How much do I really have to say about curly fries. They are just amazing!

Sunday February 27
Watching my boyfriend play soccer

I have not been able to watch my boyfriend play soccer as often as I used to. School and work always seemed to get in the way. My boyfriend had a soccer tournament yesterday and I was finally able to watch him play soccer. It reminded me of old times and was kind of comforting. Plus, I think he looks cute when he plays. 

That completes this weeks entry. Hope you enjoyed!

It's been warm enough to lay outside and watch the clouds! Try it some time!

Much love, 

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