Monday, February 21, 2011

365 Days of Happiness February 14- February 20

As time goes by, I realize how lucky I am to be so happy. Although I complain about life being complicated, I do realize that I have it easy. There are so many people out there that have it ten times worse than I do. So, I type up this weeks portion of the list with appreciation! So, I will happily continue with my list of happiness...

Monday February 14
Valentines Day

When i was younger, I loved Valentines day because of the treats. Who does not love the boxes of chocolates and sweethearts? I cannot really say that I have grown out of liking Valentines day for the candy, but I can honestly say that candy stopped being the sole reason 3 years ago. Today I celebrated my 3rd Valentines day with my boyfriend. he has slowly changed my Valentines day perspective! We did not do anything over the top but I still had an amazing time. We ended up going to Steak and Shake and eating. He then took me to Mochi. So simple, yet still romantic and special.  

Tuesday February 15
"Oh Dear a little frog"

Many people miss this line when they watch Moulin Rouge. I do not know why, but I absolutely love this line.  It might be the voice of the Duke. It might be the way in which it was said. OR it may be the timing. I don't know why i love this line. But I do. I laugh every time I hear it.  

Wednesday February 16
Coffee coolatta

Have you tried one? They are amazing. YUMMY!!!!

Thursday February 17
My boyfriends expression when he got MVC3

I have heard about the game for such a long time and am surprised that I was not sick of it by the time my boyfriend bought the game. It makes me smile every time I think of my boyfriends expression as he opened the game. I could see the joy and excitement on his face as he opened the game!!! It was adorable. It made me happy and made me love him a little bit more.

Friday February 18
Margaret Atwood

She is one of my favorite authors. She is quite eccentric and her books may surprise people. You should at least read "A Handmaids Tale". Amazing book!

Saturday February 19
Decorating the apartment

We have slowly been decorating the apartment and it is coming together. It actually looks as if someone lives there and I love it. We have been buying pieces and I have been trying to make as many decorations as I can.  I am surprised that my boyfriend is enjoying it too. This kind of makes me smile. 

Sunday February 20
Surprise picnic with my boyfriend at Rainbow Springs

It's the first Sunday after Valentine's day and I had an amazing day. my boyfriend surprised me by planning a picnic at Rainbow springs. We ate and relaxed and we also walked the nature trail. It was amazing!

This is the end of the list for this week. If you have not been doing it lately, please remember that you are lucky for the life that you are living. There are many people that have it worse off.

Much love,

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