Monday, January 10, 2011

365 Days of Happiness January 3- January 9

So, I am back in Gainesville and school has started again. It has been such a hectic week and there has been so much to do. I am finally updating the list. Hope you enjoy this weeks list of happiness...

Monday January 3
Having  my boyfriend in Gainesville with me

I love having my boyfriend here in Gainesville with me. I loved waking up this morning and seeing his face. It made me smile. The one thing that I am going to have to get used to is sharing my home with someone else. But i know I can do that with him!

Tuesday January 4
Organizing my boyfriends stuff in the apartment

I am such a stickler for organization and neatness. Those that are close to me know that I absolutely love doing laundry and putting it away. I spent the night making room for my boyfriends stuff and putting his clothes away. It was so much fun. 

Wednesday January 5
Trivia night with my boyfriends friends.

This was so much fun. It was the first time hanging out with them in such a long time and I had a blast. It was great seeing everyone; especially when I had me wonderful boyfriend by my side. It was a great start to the semester.

Thursday January 6
Star Wars movies

I bought the Star Wars movies for my boyfriend for Christmas. He loved them and I am adding them to my list because I also love them. I truly want to do a Star Wars marathon! 

Friday January 7
My classes this semester

I didn't enjoy my classes last semester. But, this semester started off better for me and I actually enjoy the subjects of the classes I am taking. That is how I know this semester is going to be so much better! Yay!

Saturday January 8
My boyfriend meeting my math colleagues

I have mentioned before that I became friends with amazing people from the math department. My boyfriend was able to join us on an amazing dinner at a restaurant called "The Warehouse". It was an awesome night and the food was amazing.

Sunday January 9
Having dinner with Javi and Laura

I love having dinner dates and having friends over for dinner. We were able to invite some close friends over for dinner at our apartment. It made me so happy to entertain in our apartment and it was surprising to see that my boyfriend started cooking for the dinner before I got home from work. He also bought wine!! He is adorable!

Well, I am done with the list for the week. I am so happy to have my boyfriend back here in Gainesville with me and you could probably tell by how often he appears in this week's list.

Have an amazing week!


(That's for you my friend)

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