Sunday, January 30, 2011

365 Days of Happiness January 24-January 30

So, day-to-day responsibilities have been keeping me extra busy lately and I managed to catch the flu on the first day of the week. I ended up missing school, calling in sick at work, and nursing myself back to health. It took a few days but I am back to feeling great and am now taking the time to catch up with my list. 

Monday January 24
Soup on a sick day

It's Monday and I am sick. It's kind of sad that I went all weekend feeling well and I start to get sick on Sunday night. I woke up feeling horrible but the best thing about today was the soup. I made myself soup and slurped it all up. It was amazing. 

Tuesday January 25
Midday naps during a rainy day

 I am still sick today but am feeling a lot better. What I love about today is that it is raining and I got to take a midday nap during this beautiful rainy day. It was so relaxing and comforting. I absolutely love the sound of rain and it just soothed me into an amazing sleep.

Wednesday January 26
My boyfriend dressed up

The career fair was this week and my boyfriend made sure to dress up for it. He wore his slacks and I absolutely love the way he looks in the slacks. He is so handsome and I cannot help but smile when he dresses up. It is amazing.

Thursday January 27
Darryl's Blog

So, my friend recently invited me to read his blog and I cannot describe how honored I am to read it. I love that he trusts me enough to read his thoughts and I really appreciate it. He is someone I admire and what I have read so far has only increased my admiration. 

Friday January 28
Castles and Cannons

I am absolutely addicted to this game.I basically had to break the castle before the opponent broke my castle. For some reason, this game brought out the competitive side of me and I could not stop playing until I completed a level. I would actually get frustrated when I lost and would become grouchy if I had to stop playing. That's how you know this is a good game.

Saturday January 29

I have been hearing alot about Gasparilla and the most common thing people have been saying is 
"Gasparilla is like Mardi Gras in New Orleans".
I was weary when I heard this because I used to live in New Orleans and am quite familiar with Mardi Gras. I have to say that Gasparilla is quite fun. I would not compare it to Mardi Gras but I had a blast. 

Sunday January 30
Sharing an ice cream tub with my boyfriend

This is what I did last night. It was amazing. I love my boyfriend so much that I am willing to share this with my boyfriend. Yummy and super romantic.

I'm done for the week. 

Lots of Love,

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