Sunday, January 23, 2011

365 Days of Happiness January 17-January 23

I finally found the time to edit and post this piece of the list. I have been overwhelmed with school and work and have not had the time to type up everything into my list. So here I go. 

Monday January 17
Martin Luther King Holiday

Yes, we do get this day off from school. BUT, this is not the only reason for liking this holiday. This day always reminds me to be grateful for everything I have and the opportunities that I have been so lucky to be able to achieve. This is something that I fail to be thankful for on a daily basis and it is sad that I don't think on this more often. I guess this is why I like this holiday. It keeps me in check every year and is a constant reminder of how lucky I am. 

Tuesday January 18

This is something that should make everyone happy and it definitely makes me happy. I grew up with the idea that I was free to speak my mind and do what I please (within bounds, of course). Lately, more than usual, I have been contemplating on the fact that many people around the world have not had the luxury of the freedom that I enjoy. How lovely and how amazing it is that my parents were able to bring me up in a country such as this. 

Aside from this "American" freedom that I enjoy, comes the freedom of being an adult. I recently cut one more financial tie between myself and my parents. I now am responsible for all of my bills and am essentially "free" from my parents. Although the uncertainty and newness of this responsibility is scary, it is such a great feeling. 

Wednesday January 19

I work in the leasing office of a local apartment complex and part of my job is to give tours to those that would like to see our apartments. I recently toured two young women and their mother. It turns out that these women were Filipino and during the tour we started talking about our favorite Filipino foods. Speaking with them made me realize how much I love Ube and shortly after getting off of work, I went to an Asian supermarket and got the ingredients to make Ube. It was so good and I am actually craving it as I type. 

Thursday January 20
My boyfriends excitement when he plays Street Fighter

This is quite adorable. During my boyfriends internship, a game called "Street Fighter" become the love of his life. He started playing more often and by the end of his internship he invested in 2 arcade style controls for the game. I absolutely love the face he makes when he is about to play the game. He has this huge smile and is always in the best mood. I love it. 

Friday January 21
Oberone Ale

It may be weird that I have an alcoholic beverage on the list but I could not resist. I promise I do not drink this often, I just really like it. I did not know this existed until one of my friends ordered it for me. I tasted it and it become one of my favorites. 

Saturday January 22
Giving tours at work

My work consists of giving tours to prospective residents and I absolutely love it. I enjoy meeting new people and seeing the wide range of personalities that walk into the office. So many talented and interesting people come to tour and I love getting to know them. 

Sunday January 23
My boyfriends massages

My boyfriend is amazing in every way and he gives the best massages in the world. It is the best when I come home from a stressful day at work and he gives me a massage. his massages just melt away all of the stress!

I guess that is the end of the list for this week.



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