Sunday, January 16, 2011

365 Days of Happiness January 10- January 16

I love snow. This week was quite interesting. Florida was the only state that did not have snow. How disappointing is that? Even HAWAII had  snow!!! Granted, it was in the mountains. Anyways, I digress. I am going to jump into this weeks list of happiness.

Monday January 10
My boyfriends cooking

My boyfriend actually cooks! Did you read and understand that? Let me say it again:


Can you believe that? He cooks and it actually tastes good. He cooked for Javi and Laura when they had dinner at our apartment and he cooks most nights for me. It is amazing and surprising at the same time. How many guys do you meet that actually do that?

Tuesday January 11
Another step to being independent

I have a "43 Things" account. It is a site that allows you to make 43 goals at a time. One of my goals is to eventually become financially independent. More specifically, to not be financially independent on my parents. I noticed more and more that financial dependence on my parents allows them to have a presence and a say in the happenings in my life and the decisions that I make. Last summer, I took my first step in becoming financially independent. I worked and was responsible for all of my living expenses. I paid my rent, car insurance, electricity, cable, Internet, etc. the only thing that was still covered by my mother was my phone bill. 

As of today, I pay my own phone bill and it is freeing. A heavy weight has been lifted from me and it feels great!

Wednesday January 12
Area Rugs

Ever since my boyfriend has come back, we have been working on making the apartment a home. One of the things that we have bought for the apartment is an area rug for the living room. It is so cute and simple and does the job of covering the wires perfectly. Now, I have to get more decorations to further make our apartment into a home. 

Thursday January 13
Junior Mints

I absolutely love the combination of mint and chocolate. I have mentioned this combination and my love of it before. So, this idea is not new to you. I just cannot contain myself while eating this candy!

Friday January 14
Table cloths

This is another entry dedicated to the items that have been bought to decorate the apartment. I bought a brown checkered tablecloth because of its simplicity. It is just one more element that ties the room together. 

Saturday January 15

I have wanted to get curtains for the apartment for quite a while and now that I have the area rug and have seen the colors of the area rug, I was able to make a decision on the curtains. I chose to match the color of the curtains to one of the colors of the rug. Now that the curtains are up, the apartment feels more complete. 

Sunday January 16

I have been looking for paintings and other pictures to put up in the apartment. I then decided to buy a canvas and create my own paintings for the apartment. I gave it a try and came up with a beautiful painting. It ties in all the colors of the rug and is quite delightful! Also, the experience was relaxing and fun. 
I suggest you try it for yourself. 

That's all for this week. 


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