Sunday, January 2, 2011

365 Days of Happiness December 27- January 2

This was another eventful week. In the middle of this week, the New Year came. I am now back in my comfy apartment and have my boyfriend here with me. I love it. But, let me jump into this weeks list of happiness...

Monday December 27
Spending time with my boyfriends family

My boyfriends family consists of some of the nicest people that I have met in my life. They are so inviting, friendly, and seem to make you feel at home. I had an amazing time and I know it was because of them.

Tuesday December 28
Walks with my boyfriend

My boyfriend didn't seem to make a schedule or any plans to take me out during the holidays. we would watch football games and other things, but we had no idea what to do. I just wanted to get out for a few hours. It was sweet when he suggested that we take a walk. It was not a long walk, but it was amazing. We joked around and played around. I had fun. 

Wednesday December 29
Meeting up with Amber

Amber was my best friend when I still lived in Miami. We absolutely loved the Spice Girls and would make up dances to all the songs. We ended up going to dinner during the week and I loved it. We caught up and I saw how much we have changed since we were little. Plus, we had sushi.

Thursday December 30

The most adorable dog ever!!

Friday December 31

It's New Years eve and of course there were small fireworks. They were beautiful and exciting.

Saturday January 1
Spending New Years with my boyfriend

This was amazing. First of all, I was able to get a New Years kiss. I had been dreaming of this New Years kiss for a long time and it made me so happy to finally receive it. Secondly, It was great celebrating the New Year with him by my side. It was comforting and I felt so loved. 

Sunday January 2
Driving to Gainesville with my boyfriend

This was fun. You already know that I love road trips. but, this road trip was special. I had my boyfriend by my side and I got to glance at him as many times as I wanted to. There was no limit to it. Let me remind you that he has been on an internship for 6 months. So, the ability to look at him for a 5 hour trip was much needed and felt amazing. 

That is the end of the list for this week.



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