Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

I woke up late on Christmas morning. We went to bed at 2 am (because of Midnight mass, Christmas dinner, and presents) the night before and we were exhausted. So, I woke up to a phone call.

Remember how I mentioned that I called my uncle on my way to Miami? Well, I had to leave a message and he decided to call me back Christmas morning.
Thank God that he did. We scheduled brunch (which later became late lunch) and I jumped up to get ready. I was so excited. I had not seen my uncle in a year and I was so nervous. I put on a cute dress (it was like high 70's low 80's in Miami...ridiculous) and I made myself cute. I was then on my way.

You may be wondering why Colon didn't come with me. It's because he's weird. I kid. I kid. He was nervous. He had never met my Uncle Jose and didn't know what to expect. He was nervous because all of his experiences with my family have been...
 Dramatic with a capital "D". 
I understood (although it hurt me) and I left it alone.
So, he didn't come.

I drove to my uncle's house and I was surprised. By what? By how big my cousin was. The last time I saw my cousin was 2 or three years ago. She was so little. She has grown so much and is so beautiful. The first thing she said to me was "I remember you". Tooo cute!
Anyways, I arrived just in time to watch her open her gifts. Once that was done, my uncle showed me around his house. His house is impressive! When he bought it, it was small. He then built out and up. He added rooms and a second floor. And when I say "he" I really do mean that he did it. He has his own company and everything.

Anyways... After the house tour, we headed to Miami beach for lunch at Smith and Wollensky. AMAZING RESTAURANT!!!! Just amazing! The food was delicious. The view was beautiful. The company was excellent and the conversation was overwhelmingly comforting.

We caught each other up on our lives and then we talked about all of the family drama.
I also got to meet my uncle's new girlfriend. Super sweet, but I am always afraid to "get close" to his girlfriends. They are always nice, but every time I see my uncle there is another girlfriend. That's not bad, but it's a little bit awkward when it comes to having a relationship with them.

But back to the conversation. Talking to him and seeing him with my cousin made me miss my dad. I hadn't spoken to him for some time and I missed him. I used to be extremely close to him and seeing my cousin with my uncle "rubbed" it in. So, I was determined to call my father later on that day.

Near the end of lunch, I brought out my camera and let my cousin snap pictures. This is what I found later that day:

Cute, huh?

After lunch, I headed back to Colon's house. I was able to speak to all of my sisters and my brother. I spoke to my mom and my Uncle Luis. I even spoke to my step mom and my DAD. I missed him so much and hearing his voice was amazing.

We then went to the movie theatre and watched a movie. I don't remember the name of the movie but it was a great movie!

And thus ends my Christmas. Such a great day with people that I love.
How was your Christmas?

I hope it was as amazing and family-filled as mine was.

Friday, December 30, 2011

ooh la la

Remember when I mentioned my gift here

Well, I got the cutest thing from my boyfriend's mother. I wasn't expecting a gift and was totally shocked when she handed me a box. This is what I got.

Horrible pictures, but beautiful bracelet. I have worn it every day! I love it!

I was quite sad when it came time for her to open her gift. Why? Because it broke. I felt so bad. Here I am trying to make a good impression, and her gift is in pieces.

Broke my heart.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Thursday...

Yup... It's Thursday. Can you believe it. The days are flying by and random thoughts keep reeling through my head. So, I guess I will start spitting them out.

1. Olive and Zoey. They are the most adorable cats in the world. If you knew me a year ago, you would know that I "hated" cats. But, Zoey changed that. Then, I met Olive and I now have a soft spot for cats. I don't know if I will ever get a cat, but I will never...ever...EVER
 say that I hate cats!

2. Tuesday was my first day back at work after Christmas "break" (it should be called Christmas days off). I came back to Kirsten giving me her gift.

These are EXTREMELY comfortable! I love them!

Yup, horrible picture but the best gift! She knew that I loved owls and got me the cutest necklace! 
I absolutely love the gift! Thanks Kirsten! (I am wearing it today...just so you know!)

3. Like I said before, I came back to Gainesville for work. I have one question. What are people doing in Gainesville? I know that many of them are here for work but it still surprises me when people walk in to the office for tours during Christmas break.

4. I miss my siblings like crazy. I am one of many kids. Seriously. I'm 23 and the youngest sister was just born. I miss them so much. I was able to talk to them on Christmas day and I had to fight back the tears.

5. I miss colon. I know. I know. I saw him e days ago and will see him tomorrow, but I still miss him!

OK. I guess that's the end!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It was the day before Christmas...

This Christmas turned out to be amazing. Which was kind of surprising because I was a bit nervous about how this Christmas would pan out. Why? I didn't know who I would spend it with. My mother and my two sisters planned a trip to California to visit my uncle. My dad and I are estranged.

So, I am thankful for Colon and his family for inviting me to spend Christmas with them.
Once I figured out my holiday plans, I started to get excited and anxious. By the time Friday (23rd) rolled around, I had a hard time focusing. Packing was hard. It was crunch time. I was going to see Colon the next day and my packing choices mattered! I had not seen Colon in a month so I had to make a good impression.

I made the 5 hour drive down to Miami on Saturday (24th) and fought through all of the annoying south Floridian drivers (yes...they drive like crazy down there...the things I do for love). During the drive, I was able to call my brother for his birthday AND I was even able to call my uncle Jose!

When I arrived, it was 4 or 5 hours until I could see my love. Being alone with Colon's family always makes me nervous. Why? I have no idea. They are the nicest people. Maybe it's because I am shy. Maybe it's because I see Colon as my buffer into that family. When he's there, I don't feel so out of place. He's my link into that family. But, those 4 or 5 hours weren't that bad. His brothers were there and actually sat and talked to me. It was nice. It reminded me of how nice and accommodating Colon's family is.

So, we watched TV and talked and the time flew by. I even got to play with Colon's niece. She was gorgeous!

All of a sudden, it was an hour before we had to pick up colon and I was so excited. Colon's mother came down and served me some yummy food because she says that "I have to eat". So I gladly ate. But five minutes into my dinner colon's father came down to remind us that we had to go pick up Colon. This led to an awkward moment for me. They had the following conversation in Spanish:

"We have to leave soon"
"I know but she's hungry"
"But we can't be late and she's still eating"

This is where I interject and say "It's OK...I'll get ready".

It was so awkward.
 I wanted to shrink down into the chair. 
( I don't think that they know that I understand Spanish.)

His mother started to apologize, but there was no need. His father was just excited to see him. Anyways, I got ready in 7 minutes (really...I did...make up and all!!!! New record for me!...Well... I DID take a shower an hour earlier) and we headed out the door.

Yup. I finally got to see my love. He looked so cute and it was an amazing feeling. I got to hug and kiss him. I loved it!

We went to midnight mass after picking him up and then went home to have dinner. I have to say that the dinner was amazing. The food was delicious and I loved seeing the family dynamic. We then opened gifts and I am sad to say that I forgot to take out my camera to take pictures.

I got the best gift... And there will be more about my gift and my Christmas soon ( I would say tomorrow... But I've been a lazy blogger lately)

Much love!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happiness Continued: December 19- December 25

Sorry this entry was so late. What can I say? Christmas trumps blogging 

Monday December 19
Pinterest is working!

It's finally working. I have started to figure it out. The only problem is that I am addicted!

Tuesday December 20
How I met your mother

Speaking of addictions. I am completely addicted to this show. I cannot stop watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix!


Wednesday December 21
Giving Christmas gifts

Thursday December 22
Ally McBeal

I have always heard about this show, but I have never seen it. So, when I saw it on Netflix, I decided it was time to start watching it. Now, I am addicted. It's...quirky...and I love it!

Friday December 23
Playing with Zoey and Olive

Both Richard and Kirsten went out of town already and they both left their cats. So, I went over to their apartments and played with Zoey and Olive. I have to say that they are the cutest cats. 

Saturday December 24
Colon is back

What did I do today? I drove from Gainesville to Miami.
Long day.
Long drive.
But it was worth it. Why?
Colon came back. It feels so good! I love it!

Sunday December 25
Talking to Dad
Spending day with Uncle

Merry Christmas everyone. Today was amazing. Why?

1. It's Christmas
2. I got to be able to spend it with my wonderful boyfriend.
3. I was able to spend time with my uncle.
4. I spoke to my dad! (The best part)
5. I talked to all of my siblings.

It was an amazing day and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to have such an awesome day!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to all...

Happy Christmas everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying the day spent with family and friends. I know I am!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Pachi

Happy birthday to the cutest little brother in the world.

circa 2009

 I miss him and regret not being able to spend this day with him.

Happy birthday Pachi

I love you!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Doodles like a lady...

Do you guys remember this movie?

Well, whenever I hear this song:

I think of this movie:

Since I associate this song to that movie, I used to think that he was saying

"Doodles like a lady"

Yup! AND it made perfect sense to me!

(If it doesn't then you must not have watched the movie!)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random thoughts so close to Christmas!?!

I'm just going to go straight into the boring random thoughts that seem to consume me!

1. Christmas is 3 days away

Let me repeat.


This is crazy! It has crept up sprinted up on us.  

2. Christmas being close could only mean one thing...

Colon will be here in 2 days.




until I can take picture like this

(minus the facial hair... I hate no-shave November)

I cannot wait to see him!!!!!!!!! So excited!

3. I walked into work today and was surprised by another Christmas gift... from Andrea! It was just awesome!!! Do you want to see?...No?... Well I'm going to show it to you anyways! 

The cutest card and it is SPARKLY!!!!


She's sooooo creative!!!!!

There were things stuffed inside the box

 She knows I love turtles. How? Because I constantly talk about them at work AND because of this post.

I absolutely LOVE my presents!

4. So, speaking of Christmas and Christmas gifts leads me to Bath and Body Works. I am obsessed with that store and I try to avoid it at all costs. Why? Because, I ALWAYS leave with some kind of purchase. Sometimes I buy soap. Sometimes I leave with lotion. 

Anyways, I went shopping with Kirsten and we ended up walking into Bath and Body works. I had no intention of buying something and what did I see when I walked in?


So many sales. I ended up buying small gifts for my coworkers and some candles. Speaking of candles. Their 3 wick candles were 2 for $20. WHAT A STEAL!

5. Pinterest finally works for me. That's a Christmas present in and of itself! I am addicted already! if you want, you could follow me on Pinterest...

Follow Me on Pinterest

My Pinterest is quite empty, but I am sure it will fill up soon!

6. So, I have to say that I have a new addiction. I had never seen a full episode of How I Met Your Mother until the other day. A couple of friends have mentioned it to me and I decided that I would start watching it. Best decision ever. I am addicted.

I just watched the season 1 ending and it really made me sad. If you have seen the series, then you know what I am talking about. 

7. I got the cutest theme for my phone. It is a Christmas theme and the best part is the battery indicator. I know that sounds weird, but let me explain. The snowman in the background is the battery indicator. The snowman melts as the battery life becomes low! 

I hope everyone is almost done with their Christmas shopping! I am pretty much done. I just have to find something for Colon's brothers, which is proving to be difficult. What do you buy boys anyways?


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tortoise please...

Yesterday was amazing. I walked into work and was surprised by a gift from a coworker. I definitely was not expecting anything. It was so nice and I absolutely love the gift!

Wasn't it cute? The bag was adorable. The body wash smells amazing and the card has a sparkly star! Who DOESN'T like sparkly stars?

Anyways, to a more serious matter...

I have previously mentioned my love for turtles. I want one and the only thing holding me back is
... money
...boyfriend's approval
...finding the perfect place to buy the turtle

So, the last time that I mentioned it, I almost went out and bought one. But, thanks to my boyfriend, I was able to keep it at bay. That changed on Sunday. I was giving a tour to a prospect, when she mentioned that she had a tortoise. I tried not to act excited, but she obviously saw right through my restraints. (It may have been the look in my eyes). She immediately took out her phone and started to show me pictures. 

That was all I needed. With every picture, she sucked me in. I wanted a tortoise and I wanted one right away. the minute I got home from work, I started researching tortoises. I needed to do this because I did not know the difference between a turtle and a tortoise. (Yes, I admitted it! I never said that I was an animal expert!)

So, I researched. I wanted to find out the difference so I could narrow down my turtle/tortoise search. I wanted something that would not take over my life with care. I was especially looking for a "land turtle". So, that I would not need to have a tank filled with water.

Water= more maintenance

SO, I decided that I needed a tortoise. (They are "land turtles"). Upon suggestion from the girl, I went to There were so many different options. After looking up all of the different types of tortoises, I decided I wanted a Greek Tortoise. BUT, the only problem is that they were EXPENSIVE. I mean, REALLY EXPENSIVE!

If you don't believe me, then CHECK IT OUT!

Taken from

$190 dollars! BUT I still want one. It's worth it. They live 50-60 years.

You may be wondering why I chose the Greek Tortoise. Well...

1. It won't get TOO large. It will grow to be 6-7 inches long. So, I can still house it in a some kind of aquarium. (No I will not keep it in a 10 gallon one. I will be investing in a large one. )

2. It does not need a pond. Like I said before:

water= maintenance

3. They are so cute and I need something to love. 

So, In the meantime I will be searching for the supplies. 

If someone out there (hint hint...COLON) would like to send me a Greek Tortoise hatchling, it would be an amazing Christmas gift! Don't forget to get a heat pack for the little hatchling so it can stay warm during it's trip to its new mommy (me).

I cannot wait until I can get my own little Tortoise!