Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get- 
only with what you are expecting to give-
which is everything"

~~Katharine Hepburn

I have come to realize that expectation (of something that you desire) often leads to disappointment. Have you not noticed that many fights are caused because someone expects something, whether it be an action or a material thing. When this person does not receive it, they then retaliate based on shock and denial. 

 I understand that it is hard to remove expectation from your relationships.  How can one stop themselves from expecting something? It comes naturally. But I think it should be controlled and rationalized. When you realize that you are expecting something, you should think it through and make sure you aren't expecting something that isn't plausible.   

This is something I would love feedback on. I have observed many relationships and interactions between people and have developed this theory about expectation. I would love to hear other theories and ideas.


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  1. I put this quote on another one of your posts but since this one deals specifically with "expectations" I will throw it out there again.

    "All our expectations of other people are projections of our own self centeredness." It's harsh but just think about it. It's got some truth to it.

    -the mailman


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