Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Christmas :)

It's my favorite time of year again. It's cold outside and I can just feel the holiday cheer everywhere I go. Christmas songs are playing on the radio. Christmas trees are being put up and decorated with all of the sparkly ornaments. Stores are packed with people buying presents and they are also filled with Christmas decorations. All of this just makes me smile.

You would think that seeing my friends trickling out of Gainesville to go home and spend time with their families would make me sad. But it doesn't. As my friends leave Gainesville, it reminds me that my departure is coming soon enough.

Although I don't get to head for vacation until the 23rd of December, I do get the chance to work and assist my managers with the last few things that need to be done during the holidays. This means MONEY!! Money that I can spend on gifts for my friends, family, and especially my boyfriend. I absolutely love buying gifts for those that are dear to me and I love to see the faces that they make when they have finally unwrapped the gift and caught a glimpse of what I got them. It might be weird, but I am looking forward to these moments that I consider so special and heartwarming. I know that you can't "buy" love, but giving gifts is my way of indicating my love. The look of appreciation that appears on someones face, after opening my gift, makes me feel as if they realize how much I love them. It's such a wonderful feeling. So heartwarming.

So, I have made my list of Christmas gift recipients and am slowly buying gifts. But, there are a few gifts that I am unsure of. This Christmas I am spending the holidays with my boyfriend and his family. I am slightly nervous and am slowly reaching a "panic" moment. I am trying to figure out what to get his family for Christmas. This, to me, is extremely important. I definitely cannot spend the holidays with his family and not have a present for them in hand. But, what do I get them? Do I get each of them something? That is what I wanted to do, BUT I don't know everyone enough to get them a personalized gift. I am just so confused and this has me more nervous about spending the holidays with them.

I am pretty sure that I am making a bigger deal than I should be, BUT I want to make a good impression on them. The answer will come to me soon. I just need to enjoy the holidays and make the most of it.

I hope you enjoy the holidays and spend them with people you love

Much love and Merry Christmas,

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