Sunday, December 5, 2010

365 Days of Happiness November 29 - December 5

It's the start of the Christmas season. At least it is for regular people. I absolutely love Christmas and everything that has to do with Christmas. Thus, I play Christmas music throughout the year. Prepare yourself for the December entries. There will be many entries that have to do with the holiday season. 

Monday November 29
Apple Pie

I did not realize how much I love apple pie until I had a slice during Thanksgiving dinner. I absolutely love the combination of pie crust and apple spices. The weird thing is that I am not really a fan of the actual apple slices that are in apple pie. They are too soft and the texture bothers me. BUT, apple pie tastes so wonderful. 

Tuesday November 30

Who doesn't love Twix bars? Hmmm... The caramel and the chocolate. So yummy!

Wednesday December 1
Christmas Music

Like I said before, Christmas music is the best. Especially when they are sung by Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. 

Thursday December 2
Christmas decor

Christmas decorations are amazing. Every time I see them I smile and feel so warm inside. I especially love Christmas trees and the ornaments. I don't exactly know where my affinity for Christmas came from. Maybe it stems from my childhood memories. Christmas was always a time when the family was together. We would laugh and tell jokes while putting up the Christmas ornaments. It was always so  much fun. 

Friday December 3
The Wedding Singer

All I have to say is " I LOVE THIS MOVIE". 

Saturday December 4

"Let's get down to business, to defeat the Huns..."

The songs in this movie have always made me smile. 

Sunday December 5
Sewing Machine

What can I say? I absolutely love my sewing machine! I have always loved to make things myself rather than buying things. That may be why I love my sewing machine. I can make my own clothing, especially dresses. 

Have an awesome week and good luck on exams. I sure need it... :)


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