Sunday, December 12, 2010

365 Days of Happiness December 6- December 12

This week has been so busy with cramming for exams and everything that I do to distract me from studying. So, this part of the list will contain alot of the "distracting" activities. 

Here we go!!!!!!

Monday December 6
"Lolita" Dresses

I absolutely love these dresses. I do not really know if they are flattering to my form, but they are so cute. I definitely am going to make my own Lolita dress soon! All I have to do is find the fabric. 
Any Suggestions?

Tuesday December 7
Hershey's Kisses Commercial

I stumbled upon this commercial while I was attempting to study. I remember watching this commercial years ago, and seeing it again automatically put me in the Christmas spirit. I love it. 

Wednesday December 8
It's starting to get cold outside and it's time for me to pull out my heavy duty scarves. If I could, I would wear scarves year-round. Unfortunately, the heat in Florida does not allow me to wear my scarves during the summer. 
I honestly have no idea why I love scarves so much. They are just fun and cute. 

Thursday December 9
Wiki is feeling better

This morning I received a text from a friend saying that her dog, "Wiki", was sick and was going to the vet. I was so worried and was completely relieved when she picked him up from the vet and told me that Wiki was OK.  THANK GOD. Wiki is the best dog in the world!

Friday December 10
The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert

If you have kept up with the blog, or if you hang out with me often, then you know that I am obsessed with The Office. The antics and the conversations on the show are hilarious. But, my favorite thing to keep track of are the relationships. Holly and Michael are too funny. The Andy-Erin-Gabe triangle is also one to watch. BUT, the "Jam" or Jim and Pam relationship is what I am interested in. They are so cute and when they started dating I was so happy. I cried when they got married and I also cried when they had their baby.
You may think this is weird, but I cried when Pam gave Jim the comic book that she created. it was called "The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert". She was so worried about him liking it and when he received the comic his reaction was priceless. He was in shock and genuinely appreciated it. This might be the reason why I like the comic. 

Saturday December 11
Seeing Judit happy to go back to Hungary

My friend has been waiting for this trip for the longest time. I was so happy to see the excitement in her eyes!

Sunday December 12
My first skirt (in four years)

I am so proud of this skirt. It is the first one I have made in a long time!!! I think it is so cute!


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