Sunday, December 26, 2010

365 Days of Happiness December 20 - December 26

The last week has been so eventful. So much has happened. Work consumed my life for the first half of the week and then it was finally the holidays. I got to see my boyfriend and spend time with his family during my favorite time of the year. There has been so much happening throughout the week and so much has appeared that has made me happy. It was hard to post this week, but I am here now to update the list. 

So, here I go.

Monday, December 20
"Silent Night"

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs. It is so peaceful and is a song that I could actually sing to. I have been singing this song since I was little and do not see myself stopping that tradition in the next few years. 

Tuesday, December 21
Pulled Pork

I went to Sonny's recently and have rediscovered my love for pulled pork. I am one of those people that have a set dish that I order at every restaurant. I always order pulled pork from Sonny's. I love the texture and the taste. YUMMY!

Wednesday, December 22

I cannot explain why I love candles. They always seem to soothe me when I am in a bad mood or am worried and tense. I love that their scent fills a room and I also love the way the candle light fills a room. My love for candles may stem from my mothers love for candles. She is obsessed. She has a cabinet full of candles and will still buy more candles. I should not complain because I do the same. We just cannot help it. 

Thursday December 23
The road trip with my friend Darryl 

Today is the day that I drove to Miami to spend the rest of the holidays with my boyfriend and his family. I drove down with my friend Darryl and I had a blast. we talked, ate, listened to music and just had fun. I have always liked taking road trips. ESPECIALLY when I am not the one driving. Driving down with my friend made it more fun. I loved it. I want to thank my friend for driving me down.


Friday December 24
Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve was different from any other Christmas eve that I have experienced. First of all, I did not spend it with my family. Second, I spent it with my boyfriend and his family. I had an amazing time and loved the fact that I could see how another family spends their Christmas!

Saturday December 25
Christmas Day

This Christmas was amazing. Again, it is because of who I spent it with. 

Sunday December 26
My Christmas Gifts

I do not want to seem superficial and selfish, BUT I did enjoy the gifts that I received for Christmas.

 My boyfriends mother got me a sewing kit. It was amazing. It contained all of the odds and ends that I would need for my sewing projects: tape measure, pins, sewing shears, sewing chalk, seam ripper, needles, etc. I absolutely loved it. She also got me a book containing patterns and cross stitch project ideas. AMAZING!

My boyfriend gave me a portable hard-drive. (I think that is what it is called). It is small and cute and was greatly needed. Ever since my computer was sick, I was worried about backing up my pictures and music. Now, I have a place to back everything up. He also got me this nifty carrying case.

So, That is the end of the list for this week. I hope you had an amazing Christmas and are having an amazing holiday! It's almost the new year :)

Best wishes,


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