Sunday, December 19, 2010

365 Days of Happiness December 13 - December 19

So, Christmas is slowly approaching and I am so excited. Christmas is next week and there is so much that makes me happy when Christmas is involved. I shouldn't get ahead of myself. I will now start this weeks list of awesome things that make me happy.

Monday December 13
Going out Dancing with Liz, Lauren, and Chris
This happened all of a sudden. They invited me out at the last minute and i decided to go. I made the best decision. This night out was amazing. we had glasses of wine and then went out to dance. 

Tuesday December 14
Warm showers on a cold day

I definitely enjoy hot showers throughout the year, but I did not realize how good a hot shower on a cold day feels. I mean, just imagine it. 

You are outside on a cold day. Your hands feel like ice. Your feet are numb. your teeth are chattering. All you can think about is the warmth that you are going to walk into soon. Once you get inside, you run the water for your shower. When you step in, it is the most amazing feeling ever!!!

Wednesday December 15
Irish Springs

Speaking of hot showers, I absolutely love the smell of the original Irish Springs (soap) scent. It smells so fresh and so clean. The scent is just so refreshing. Ahhh... I am about to smile just imagining the scent. 

Thursday December 16
Chinese buffets
I have discussed the concept of "buffets" with one of my good friends. We came to the conclusion, that buffets can be considered  to be a "challenge"; a challenge to eat so much that your stomach pops. I enjoy buffets, yet I don't go to buffets often. Thus, when I do go, I eat A-LOT. I literally become a glutton. It's embarrassing, yet it feels so good. 

Friday December 17
Spaghetti with sugar

Have you ever tried sugar as an ingredient in your spaghetti sauce? If you have not, you should! It is amazing. It changes the flavor for the better!

Saturday December 18
Cici's pizza- Cheese bread
That's how my face looks after leaving Cici's pizza and eating tons of the cheese bread. I assure you that you will leave with a smile after eating there, too. 

Sunday December 19
Marley and Me

One of my really good friends bought me this movie for Christmas. It is such a sweet movie and actually brought me close to tears a couple of times. It is a must see. especially if you are fond of puppies!!!

That is the end of this weeks list. Christmas is here soon! I cannot wait!!

your impatient friend, 


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